75-year-old patient from Africa visits FV Hospital for knee joint replacement surgery performed by Dr Le Trong Phat

Mrs. Halimatou Edui Allele, a patient from The Republic of Niger, Africa, has entrusted Professor Le Trong Phat, MD, PhD, Head of Orthopaedics and Hand Surgery at FV Hospital, to perform knee replacement surgery on both of her legs.

Dr Le Trong Phat (R) starts the operation

Mrs Allele’s right knee was replaced on 25 April 2017 at FV Hospital.  Mrs. Allele, who is 75 years old and suffers from age-related osteoarthritis, was accompanied on her flight to Ho Chi Minh City by her daughter, Ms Ide Oumou Allele, who helped Mrs Allele to make the decision to undergo surgery at FVH with Dr Phat as her trusted surgeon.

Ms Ide Oumou Allele revealed that when she consulted her friends about reputable hospitals that offered knee joint replacement surgery, a foreign friend living in Ho Chi Minh City sought advice from a local doctor, who in turn referred to Ms Allele to Dr Phat.

Ms Allele Googled Dr Phat and after learning that he had a PhD in Orthopaedics from Germany, she felt confident that she could rely on him to perform her mother’s knee joint replacement surgeries, and that she could entrust FV Hospital with her mother’s care.

Dr Le Trong Phat (L) and his team perform the surgery

Dr Phat shares that patients typically stay at FV Hospital seven days for post-surgical treatment, and Mrs. Halimatou Edui Allele will also remain at FVH for one week before returning to Niger.

During her recovery, FVH physiotherapists will assist Mrs. Allele with rehabilitation to regain her mobility. In around three or four months, Mrs. Allele will return to FV Hospital to have her left knee joint replaced.

Dr Phat explains that when performing knee joint replacement surgery, patients often don’t need to have the whole joint replaced; their surgeon will usually only replace the damaged parts with artificial components. This technique addresses two main issues: preserving the natural elements of the joint wherever possible will reduce the pain caused by limb deformation and reduce recovery time, as well as improve the patient’s mobility and alleviate their joint pain.

Knee joint replacement surgery is a complex orthopaedic technique that requires a high degree of precision and results can depend on the surgeon’s skills and the medical equipment available to them in the operating theatre. At FV Hospital, both of these factors are optimised: Dr Phat’s experience and knowledge in this field is unsurpassed, and he always has the latest surgical equipment at hand.

Prof. Le Trong Phat obtained his PhD in Orthopaedics from University of Rheinische Friedrichs-Wilhelms, Bonn, Germany, in 1993. For the following 10 years, from 2000 to 2010, he held the position of Deputy Head of General Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery Department at Franzikus Hospital, Linz, Germany.

In 2010, Dr Le Trong Phat became Head of the Orthopaedics and Hand Surgery Department at FV Hospital, where he specialises in orthopaedic trauma treatment, shoulder and knee joint endoscopy, ligament reconstruction and shoulder, knee and hip joint replacement.