Cosy & Elegant Gala Dinner to Thank FV Doctors on the Vietnamese Doctors’ Day

Gentle, cosy yet luxurious, and sophisticated, are the feelings following Vietnamese Doctors’ Day dinner that took place on the evening 26th February at the residence of the CEO – Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon. The dinner was to honour and appreciate the contribution and effort of the FV medical team in 2021 on the occasion of Vietnamese Doctor’s Day (February 27) this year.

Along the avenue leading to the residence many beautiful photos with inspirational moments were displayed. The small exhibition recalls the doctors at memorable times of their careers, and it also recreates many precious emotions for all the participants entering the event.

Opening the dinner, Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon reminded us: “What FV staff, especially doctors, had to face in the past two years was really difficult, I really appreciate it. We also appreciate everyone’s efforts. Therefore, times like these are even more precious. I hope this is an opportunity for everyone to catch up and share with each other after a long time of hard work“. In addition, the CEO also said that he plans to create an exhibition area for FV employees who participated in COVID-19 prevention at the hospital. “It’s my way to show respect and gratitude to everyone,” shared Dr. Jean-Marcel.

At the gala dinner, doctors and nurses shared their feelings after a very special year. Doctor Trinh Van Hai (Head of Accident and Emergency Department) shared that 2021 brought an obsession to his life as a doctor. “The most difficult thing is to make decisions whether he could receive and give treatment to patients. What happened at that time still haunts me to this day,” Dr Hai emotionally recalled.

With similar feelings, Dr Nguyen Thi Lam Giang (former Head of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care & Pain Control) said that she, sometimes, refused to think about the months of mid-2021. Dr Lam Giang said: “It was a traumatic time, Sometimes I don’t want to talk about it. However, we did our best to get through that tough time, together.” The year has witnessed so many deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for the doctors at the ICU, it remains a big silence in their career. However, the efforts of the staff at the ICU have helped many patients regain their lives at the peak days of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, for Doctor Ho Minh Tuan (Head of Cardiology Department, Head of COVID-19 Treatment Area) and Ms Chu Thi Nguyet Anh (Head Nurse of Medical West Ward) who are known as the leaders at the COVID-19 treatment area, they recalled 2021 as a year of many right decisions from the hospital, and the solidarity of the staff. In addition, they sent messages to wish for a peaceful 2022 and highlighted plans to care for post-COVID-19 patients. “What I wish the most for is for each of us and our families health, happiness, and peace“, on behalf of the staff at the COVID-19 treatment area, Ms Nguyet Anh sent congratulation to FV doctors.

Besides sharing unforgettable moments in 2021, the party also brought a surprise for all attendees. The Doctors had the opportunity to be surprise their colleagues with their talent preforming in the fashion show with models ‘who wear blouses every day. With confidence, FV doctors brought a fashion show full of energy, fun, and also professionalism. They created many memorable moments for the gala dinner.

After 2 years of countless challenges, the doctors at FV overcame difficulties with dedication. They followed the General Director’s motto “leave no one behind“. There are difficulties and challenges ahead, as the pandemic is still not completely under control, not to mention the consequences of the last outbreaks.

We wish all FV doctors much health, enthusiasm, love for their job and to continue working with FV and help more patients. Together we will build a better hospital every day. 

To be able to organise the solemn gala dinner with meaningful moments on 26th February, FV Hospital would like to sincerely thank our partners who with love and generosity contributed to the party. It was a great support for all medical staff, especially the doctors who are working at FV.

  • Olympus Vietnam Medical System Services Co. Ltd
  • CPV Ltd., Co
  • Master Tran Corporation

We wish your company prosperity and strength to continue to accompany FV on the path to provide healthcare service for the community.