FV Hospital Holds Staff Loyalty Recognition Ceremony in Honour of Its Dedicated Staff

In the beginning, at the opening of FV Hospital, I did not believe that there would be so many people who would accompany the hospital for this many years.” shared CEO, Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon at FV’s Staff Loyalty Recognition Ceremony. At this year’s event, which took place on 18th November, 2020, 136 staff were honoured for their dedication and hard work.

Speaking also at the ceremony was Ms Nguyen Thi Le Thu, FV’s Marketing& Business Development Director, who shared on her story of her time at FV. She remarked that, over 15 years ago, it was fate that brought her to FV Hospital. Initially Ms Le Thu debated whether she should work for the hospital, but in the end she took the chance and became part of the team who lay the foundation to develop FV into what it is today.

With FV Hospital nearly being in operation for 18 years, Ms Le Thu shared that it was as if staff at FV have been raising a child to adulthood as they all nurtured and witnessed the growth of the hospital. Remembering the early days, emotions were visible from FV’s staff as they shared on both the ups and downs on the successful journey of FV. A feeling that was common between many members of staff was well-put when Ms Le Thu shared, “These 15 years were a very important period for me.”

Also sharing on their experience working at FV Hospital was Dr Huynh Nguyen Tuong Vy, Anaesthesiology – Intensive Care Pain Control Department, who has been working at the hospital for 10 years. “Every day when I go to the hospital, I still have the same passion to work as I did on my first ever day. I believe that I belong to this place.” Professional services, friendly environment, and a patient focus are the values which FV’s Board of Directors built since the hospital’s inception. It is the reason why Dr Tuong Vy, along with many other FV staff, has continued to work for the hospital for many years.

While FV is a hospital, a business, as Dr Jean-Marcel shared, FV Hospital is also a family. Representing FV’s younger workforce at the ceremony, Mr Pham Tri Dang, Quality and Performance Improvement Supervisor – Quality and Performance Improvement Department, shared on how FV Hospital changed his life. “In 5 years, FV Hospital has helped me to become more confident, and has improved me a lot. Thank you to everyone for always seeing me as a brother in a family”.

Similarly, many people chose to work at FV Hospital because of the good working environment and strong team mentality.

FV Hospital now has more than 1000 members of staff, and the ceremony was not enough to recognise every member of staff’s achievements. FV Hospital would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank them for working towards the hospital’s common mission, their dedication to the FV family, and for their incredible contributions over the many years. With the growth of the hospital and the expectation of the Board of Directors, FV Hospital looks forward to celebrating 20 years of dedication with its staff in the near future.