FV Hospital honourably receives Excellent award in Hospital quality management

Assoc. Prof. Luong Ngoc Khue, Director of the Ministry of Health’s Health Examination and Treatment Agency in Vietnam, awarded FV Hospital the Excellent Award in Hospital Quality Management at the Hospital Management Asia (HMA) Conference 2019.

This event took place from 11/9 to 13/9 at the National Convention Centre in Hanoi.  The attendants included Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, Minister of Health; PhD. Kidong Park, World Health Organization Representative in Vietnam; PhD. Dzulkefly Ahmad, Malaysia Minister of Health; and more than 2500 delegates from 28 countries. Such delegates all fulfilled roles of presenters, managers, and directors, from top hospitals and medical support solution suppliers across the world.

The conference is a forum for senior managers from hospitals and medical leaders from countries to discuss and share their thinking about healthcare. Areas discussed included; management, practicing systems, and implementing the best solutions. Assoc. Prof. Luong Ngoc Khue emphasized; “Improving quality management and improving hospital management are the targets that Vietnamese hospitals are tending to. And the last goal of all solutions is quality and patient safety in hospitals”. This is also the aspiration which FV’s Board of Directors is always aiming to achieve.

Hospital Management Asia Conference this year had 500 nominees in 14 categories. One of these being The Most Progressive Hospital Award for Hospitals in Vietnam. Any hospital can send their performance improvement project or programme to raise the quality of care and safety for patients. The Council of Examiners then considers and selects some of them to go to the final round before voting to choose the best one to award. Surpassing a lot of medical organizations, FV Hospital, with their report on “Go for Gold for our Patients – Join hands for quality of care and safety for patients”, was voted by the examiners to be one of the most progressive hospitals in the area.

This award is a proud recognition for the efforts of FV Hospital in raising the quality of their medical services, and that their management is operated based on international standards. FV once again affirms that its position and prestige are built on the basis of a qualitative and efficient management system.