FV hospital to participate health fair 2015

On 21st of October 2015, the Consulate General of the United States to Ho Chi Minh City has organized the Health Fair 2015 in order to introduce healthcare services to American expats community, US Consulate staffs and relatives who are residing and working in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Health Fair has attracted the participation of 14 healthcare providers, insurances, fitness and yoga centres locating in Ho Chi Minh City, including FV Hospital, Victoria Healthcare International Clinic, International SOS, Bao Minh Insurance, California Gym and Yoga Centre, etc., and more than 300 visitors. The main objective of this Health Fair is to provide information and raise awareness on healthy living style, in order to create a healthier community and better, sustainable medical system for both Vietnamese and American.

Attending Health Fair 2015, visitors can have the opportunity to learn more about international standard medical facilities located in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as to receive direct consultant and information from service booths on how to maintain a healthy body and living style. Besides, they also get to receive consultant from the doctors on various topics as nurturing children, immunisation practice in Vietnam and some basic exercise tips. At the Health Fair, Medical Clinic of the US Consulate also provided free services as blood-pressure and blood-sugar measure, vision test, advices on dental care, body BMI measure, etc.

FV Hospital took part in the Health Fair 2015 in order not to promote its brand and medical services, but rather as a relaxing and cosy corner with its booth specifically designed as a coffee house. All guests stopping by were entitled to a tasty cup of joy and delicious cakes while talking to Customer Consultant on healthy living styles and the importance of preventive healthcare. Visitors also received hearted instructions and practical benefits of the FV Hospital Membership Programme, as well as the General Health Checkup Programme.