FV introduces new Communication Channel on Zalo

Dear Customers,

FV Hospital has just launched a new communication channel Official Account “Bệnh Viện FV” on the social network platform Zalo, operating along with other channels such as website, Facebook fanpage, and Hotline (028) 54 11 33 33. By clicking “Follow” Zalo Official Account “Bệnh Viện FV”, you can update news, events and special promotions from FV Hospital. At the same time, you can easily book an appointment and interact with FV by sending messages directly on this application.

To connect with Zalo OA “Bệnh Viện FV”, please search the keyword “Bệnh Viện FV” on Zalo, or click the link:, or scan the below QR code.

FV Hospital always focuses on improving the quality of services to bring the best satisfaction and experience for our customers. Hopefully, with this new channel, customers will have an additional means to interact with FV more conveniently, as well as to update healthcare information timely.