FV’s Laboratory & Blood bank achieves ISO accreditation – another step forward in Guaranteeing Quality Services

FV Hospital’s Laboratory & Blood Bank recently achieved ISO 15189:2012 accreditation from the Vietnam Laboratory Accreditation Scheme – VILAS. Similar to the Gold Seal of JCI Accreditation, and SIGMA VP 6 Certification, ISO is another significant step forward for FV Hospital in ensuring its Laboratory & Blood Bank provides effective and quality services.

VILAS, the laboratory accreditation scheme, which abides by international standards, is accredited by the government. It has a representative office in Vietnam called Bureau of Accreditation Vietnam (BoA). Any laboratory which achieves ISO accreditation is guaranteed to ensure high-quality ability and measurement in its testing results. With the ISO accreditation, FV Hospital has made a great step forward in continuing its mission to provide quality international standard healthcare. In addition to examination and treatment, subclinical medical testing stage plays an important role in supporting doctors by helping ensuring an accurate diagnosis which leads to the best treatment plan for the patients.

Subclinical medical testing stage plays an important role in supporting doctors by helping ensuring an accurate diagnosis.

In 2019, FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank took part in many healthcare accreditation programmes from prestigious organizations around the world. For example; in January earlier this year, JCI checked and evaluated FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank based on a criterion which enhances quality and ensures patients’ safety. In July, the Sigma VP programme from Westgard QC survey was conducted focusing on techniques as well as the effectiveness and accuracy of the laboratory’s medical testing. The process of participating in ISO accreditation in biochemistry of FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank started from February this year. The department planned that 30 factors should be added to achieve the best ISO accreditation. With that in mind, they invited Associate Professor Vu Thi Tuong Van from Bach Mai Hospital, Hanoi, to be a consultant. Together they made efforts in implementing policies and procedures to complete such factors. Consequently, FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank went through the most serious and specific checking process ever, especially in management and techniques. In management, FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank achieved a good evaluation in; receiving demands, sampling and conducting medical tests to provide results to patients, as well as saving the reports correctly. In addition, the role of every staff member, equipment, technology and the purchasing system in the hospital were all considered and assessed for possible risks which could falsify results for patients. For this reason, FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank presented plans to control those risks and provide suitable solutions.

In November, the representative office in Vietnam of VILAS (BoA) announced that FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank achieved ISO 15189:2012 accreditation. This accreditation is effective within 3 years from the first day of the official announcement. Every year, the BoA will regularly check FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank to ensure that it maintains such high standards. Furthermore, this department can register to be evaluated widely in other areas, such as; Haematology, Cell Anatomy, and Microbiology. Mrs Tran Thi Thu Ha, Head of Healthcare Accreditation of the BoA, shared; “The result shows efforts and solidarity of FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank. Compared to the first time I came here; everything has changed markedly and positively”. In addition to the ISO accreditation, FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank was given recommendations to improve 6 of the findings made to enhance the quality of services even more.

With the ISO accreditation, Mr Friend Maviza, Head of FV’s Laboratory & Blood Bank proudly said; “I’m very happy about the working spirit of the staff in my department. Everyone innovated and built many things positively to prepare for the checking process of ISO. Besides JCI and SIGMA, we achieved one more important accreditation – ISO. It is a milestone in business and also the pride of everybody who works in FV – the hospital has once again achieved a prestigious accreditation”.

Members of staff from the Laboratory & Blood Bank Department innovated and built many positive things to prepare for the checking process of ISO.

In reality, the number of hospitals in Vietnam whose laboratory achieved JCI, Sigma and ISO accreditation can be counted on one hand. It not only affirms the position of FV laboratory to the domestic and international medical community, but also shows the dedication given by each of the department’s employees.

FV Hospital’s Laboratory & Blood Bank recently achieved ISO 15189:2012 accreditation.