“Hand Magician” Dr Stéphane Guero visits FV hospital

From 28th March to 1st April, French hand surgeon Dr Stéphane Guero, known as “hand magician” for his surgical skill, will be working at FV Hospital’s Orthopaedics and Hand Surgery Department.

During this period, Dr Stéphane Guero and hand surgeons at FV Hospital will offer consultations and surgeries for hand malformations or trauma-related deformities such as syndactyly (when the bone and skin of adjacent digits are fused together, preventing the development of fingers), polydactyly (supernumerary digits) or ectrodactyly (the deficiency or absence of one or more digits) and hand tumours.

His reputation as a “hand magician” came about because Dr Stéphane Guero not only performs surgeries to treat congenital hand deformities in children such as syndactyly, polydactyly, ectrodactyly, brachydactyly and tumours in the palm, but also performs hand reconstructive surgeries for adults.

During his annual working trips in Vietnam in previous years, Dr Stéphane Guero has given consultations to hundreds of patients and performed successful surgeries in many complicated cases, such as grafting bone to defective hands from donor toes.

To make an appointment with Dr Stéphane Guero, please contact FV Hospital’s Orthopaedics and Hand Surgery Department by calling (08) 54 11 33 33 (ext 1227) or book an appointment online.