Insurance services at FV – large network, dedicated support

Every year, of the 240 thousand patients welcomed at FV, 30% of outpatients and over 65% of inpatients use direct billing with their insurance provider. According to an estimation by FV Hospital, from the date of its establishment in 2003 until today, the hospital has supported over one billion insurance-covered cases.

To achieve this, FV Hospital has always sought to build its reputation and reach out to many domestic and foreign insurance companies, providing a wider scope of insurance cover options for its patients. In addition, through experienced and dedicated consultations with the FV Insurance Department, the hospital ensures patients receive maximum benefits from their insurance providers.

Dedicated Support to Benefit Patients
Dedicated Support to Benefit Patients

When coming to FV Hospital, patients understandably will be focusing their attention on their condition and treatment. Learning about procedures, limits, and benefits from insurance companies are hard to consider during such times. In addition, in the event of an emergency, patients are not always financially prepared and some do not know whether FV Hospital can accept payment through their insurance provider. FV’s Insurance Department looks to remove the burden of insurance and payment issues by providing dedicated and enthusiastic support in working with insurance companies.

A good example of this is the case of M.L. Carol, a patient from the U.S.. She was admitted to FV Intensive Care Unit with only her health care insurance card. It was found that her insurance company had never signed a cooperation agreement with FV Hospital. When contacting the insurance company to exchange information, they faced many difficulties, including distance, and timing, among others. To support Ms M.L. Carol, FV’s Insurance Department persistently contacted her insurance provider until she received the necessary insurance benefits of over $30,000. Ms M.L. Carol was then later discharged from the hospital in a healthy condition.

A similar example is the case of Ms G.A. Cherry, a British citizen, who was admitted to the A&E Department, requiring urgent surgery. The patient and her relatives could not afford to pay the hospital deposit fee and the insurance company provided was not in the list of FV’s partner network. In spite of the difficulties of time zones, FV’s insurance staff actively contacted the UK company to arrange payment for the patient’s treatment. Contacting insurance companies faces many difficulties as the companies receive dozens of calls and enquiries. Through the team’s efforts and experience, FV’s Insurance Department was able to reach the company which is responsible for the payment of the patient, and obtained confirmation of the guarantee for their treatment.

The users of the insurance service at FV are very diverse, being both Vietnamese and foreign citizens. FV Hospital is also a place for many organizations and enterprises to register periodic health tests and health care services for their employees.

Wide Network with Many Domestic and Foreign Insurance Companies.

Whether patients sign a contract with a company with direct or indirect payment, FV Hospital is always ready to support them. This ensures patients can then focus on their treatment and recovery.

In addition, FV Hospital supports patients with insurance contracts with many third party insurance providers. Examples include; Bao An Khang, Insmart LTD, South Asia Services Ltd. Co, and Athena Global Consulting, among others.

FV also supports patients with assistance companies in providing them with related services, such as emergency transportation, guarantee, documentations etc.

FV Hospital never stops expanding its insurance network and constantly looks to obtain more partners to bring benefits to insured patients. If you need to visit FV but your insurance company is not on the direct billing list, please contact staff from the FV Insurance Department for further support.

For your information, below is a link to the full list of current insurance partners which support direct billing:

Four Easy Steps to Use Insurance Services at FV

  • Step 1 – Register: The patient gives their insurance card with identification documents, and signs a certificate of approval for FV to work with their insurance company.
  • -Step 2 – Examination and Treatment: A doctor will provide a medical report after the patient finishes their consultation or treatment.
  • -Step 3 – Request Insurance: FV’s Insurance Department combines with other related departments to check the actual hospital fees and compare them with the guaranteed amount, then sends the guarantee request to the insurers.
  • -Step 4 – Receiving the Results: After reviewing the medical records, the insurance company will feedback the results to the FV Insurance Department to inform the patient.

The waiting time for the hospital fee guarantee outcome at FV is approximately 30 to 60 minutes for outpatient cases, and 48 to 72 hours for hospitalizations. This depends on the requirements from the insurance companies, such as medical history, doctor’s confirmation, among others. In some cases, some international insurance companies apply automatic guarantees, and subsequently the time to confirm and return results is within 15 minutes. The payment rate depends on the contract between the customer and the insurance company.

The FV Insurance Department is available 24/7 to assist emergency cases needing information on payment guarantees. This includes cases where patients have overseas insurance and hope to get insurance confirmation quickly. While waiting for the application to be reviewed, FV Insurance Department’s staff regularly contact the insurance companies to check the status of applications to help patients reduce any anxiety.