Musician Receives a Prize From the ‘FV Hospital Quality Assurance Programme Survey Lucky-Draw’ Q3/2023

The lucky patient in the 3rd quarter of FV Hospital Quality Assurance Programme Survey 2023 is Mr Pham Quang Phuc (HCMC). Recently, Mr Phuc came to the Guest Relations Department on 18th October to receive his prize.

Despite only recently using FV Hospital’s services for just over three years, Mr Phuc genuinely appreciates the style and services offered. Mr Phuc fells, “I appreciate the way the doctors work here, they examine you very carefully and considerately, I always feel they respecting the patient.” Additionally, he appreciates the doctors for taking the time to discuss and listen to patients, along with supporting policies regarding medication support during treatment.

Regarding the prize, Mr Phuc expressed complete surprise when notified that he was the lucky recipient. He also emphasised that the programme has undoubtedly generated a great deal of appreciation from patients and customers.

When recalling his experience at FV, Mr Phuc mentioned his recent participation in the treatment at the Pain Clinic. After learning about the Clinic, he actively participates in his care and is currently experiencing positive treatment results. Mr Phuc hopes that both medical facilities and patients will pay more attention to pain treatment due to its significant impact on the quality of life.

FV greatly appreciates the contributions and trust from its patients, similar to Mr Phuc; this allows the hospital to focus on developing medical examination and treatment services and specialties, ultimately serving to improve the health and quality of life of the community.

Once again, FV Hospital congratulates Mr Pham Quang Phuc on receiving the award from the FV Hospital Quality Assurance Programme Survey. We extend our best wishes to him, with a satisfactory treatment outcome and good health, that him to continue making significant contributions to his art.

The FV Hospital Quality Assurance Programme Survey takes place quarterly in collaboration with Cimigo. The programme aims to gather feedback from customers who have used healthcare services at FV Hospital, helping FV improve services and provide the best experience to patients during treatment. At the end of each quarter, FV use the data collected from the surveys to create a lucky draw. The voucher prize, worth 15 million VND, is always an exciting surprise for the lucky patients.