National Health Insurance supports payment for hip replacement surgery at FV Hospital

“I have visited many hospitals, including international hospitals, but I’ve been most satisfied with the care my family and I have received at FV Hospital, especially with regards to emergency treatment and surgery. When I was sick, I felt very weak both physically and mentally, but Dr Huy’s consultation and dedication to my care during my hospital stay gave me a lot of confidence,” says 70-year-old patient N.T.T., who lives in Ho Chi Minh City. Mrs T. has just had hip replacement surgery by Dr Le Quang Huy at FV Hospital’s Bone and Joint Centre.

Mrs T. was admitted to FV’s Emergency Department with severe pain in her hip after falling off her motorbike. She was assigned a CT scan of her pelvis and hip joint, and was diagnosed with a fracture of the left femoral neck. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr Le Quang Huy, who directly performed joint replacement surgery for Mrs T., commented: “A femoral neck fracture is a common injury in the elderly, and one which always needs to be repaired. Semi-urgent surgical intervention within 24 hours is optimal. The longer surgery is delayed, the higher the rate of complications, including pneumonia, deep vein thrombosis, urinary tract infection, pressure ulcers or even death. An increased rate of complications directly translates into increased postoperative mortality rates.”

Patient N.T.T. (70, resident of Ho Chi Minh City) sits up after receiving hip replacement surgery from Dr Le Quang Huy at the Bone and Joint Centre, FV Hospital.

Mrs T. was placed under general anaesthesia so that Dr Huy could remove the broken femoral head and replace it with that latest-generation Gladiator® artificial hip. The surgery lasted only 60 minutes and blood loss was negligible compared to the direct external incision approach. On the first day after surgery, the patient was taught to sit up. On the second day, she was able to stand up and to walk with the support of physiotherapists at FV. After three days, Mrs T. was able to walk independently.

An unusual detail is that both of Mrs T.’s legs were amputated and replaced with prosthetics after she was shot by an airplane at the age of 12.   “I gradually got used to my prosthetic legs, and was able to live independently. I even worked in an office until my retirement, when I came to live in Ho Chi Minh City with my children and grandchildren,” Mrs T. shared.

Mr Nguyen Huy Dung was the Physiotherapist assigned to helping Mrs T. rehabilitate after her surgery. “Mrs T’s steady gait and long pants make it difficult for anyone to realise that she’s walking with the use of an artificial hip and two transfemoral prostheses (from the thigh to the foot). Even for ordinary people, exercising can be difficult, and this is especially true in the elderly or anyone recovering from severe injuries. I really admire Mrs T.’s energy and strength.”

According to Dr Le Quang Huy, this hip replacement technique has been widely applied in Vietnam for the past 20 years. However, it is not easy to introduce new international-standard procedures which offer similar treatment outcomes in developed countries. FV Hospital’s Bone and Joint Centre, under the guidance of Le Trong Phat, MD, PhD, is equipped with the best-in-class human resources and modern facilities so that it can offer the latest innovations in joint and bone care. As a result, FV is able to constantly introduce new treatment methods, such as SUPERPATH hip replacement and Midvastus knee replacement. Thanks to strict infection control procedures, the infection rate of osteoarthritis surgery at FV hospital is less than 0.2 per cent, ensuring a high rate of surgical success and optimal outcomes while minimising the need for antibiotics.

Dr Le Quang Huy, Bone and Joint Centre, FV Hospital

The harmonious combination of specialties such as Emergency care, Imaging, Orthopaedic Trauma, Anaesthesiology and Physiotherapy has enabled most patients undergoing artificial joint replacement at FV Hospital to be back on their feet and walking unaided after a week of care at the Hospital. Mrs T. added: “Thanks to the doctor’s encouragement and good pain relief methods, I was able to begin walking again soon after surgery. FV’s team of doctors, nurses and technicians is always very kind and welcoming, and takes great care of me. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with my experience at FV Hospital.” Mrs T.’s case was partially covered by national social health insurance, which increasingly is helping to reduce the financial burden placed by care on patients like Mrs T. and their families.

FV Hospital’s Bone and Joint Centre is one of the most prominent specialties of FV Hospital, providing treatment and monitoring solutions for injuries and conditions related to skeletal, muscle and joint systems and ligaments damaged due to age, injury, poor posture or high impact sports.

From November 1, 2021, FV Hospital officially cooperates with Ho Chi Minh City Social Insurance to expand the scope of medical examination and treatment covered by State Health Insurance for shoulder, knee and hip joint replacement surgeries at FV.

Through this cooperation, patients can be covered by Social Health Insurance provisions for up to 45 per cent of the treatment costs at FV hospital, including the costs of surgery and transplant supplies, medical equipment and consumables.

At the same time, patients can apply parallel types of health insurance, including state health insurance, private health insurance or international health insurance.

When visiting FV hospital for treatment, the patient needs to provide a valid State Health Insurance card, valid ID/Passport and Transfer Document at the medical secretariat counter and will receive instructions specific to their case.

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