Profound Emotions During The Ceremony To Honor Staff Members For Their Dedication To FVH

On April 13th, a ceremony to honor FV’s dedicated staff was held in the Classic Ballroom of MerPerle Crystal Palace in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. This special event marked FV’s 15-year anniversary – a milestone in the hospital’s establishment and development – and honoured members of staff that have worked at FV for five years, 10 years and 15 years and more.

Long-time staff members who have worked at FV for five years, 10 years and 15 years or longer.

At the beginning of the event, guests were transported back in time to Saigon in the 1980s and 1990s. The short film “FV – A 15-Year Journey” reminisced about the hospital’s beginnings when a doctor with a vision and strong belief gradually transformed a property in District 7 into a state-of-the-art international hospital. That doctor is the CEO of FV Hospital, Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon.

FV’s CEO, Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, leads the Opening Ceremony for long-time dedicated staff members

Surprisingly, Dr Guillon did not open proceedings with a solemn speech but instead looked around the room to find familiar faces. He personally invited his partners from those early days to the stage: Mr Tran Huu Loc from IT, COO Ms Pham Thi Thanh Mai, Dr Phan Van Thai from the General Surgery Department and Former Medical Director Dr Alain Beauchamp. It was admirable to see the rapport and friendship between those staff members who have worked together since the early days of FV’s journey.

As they recalled their early memories of the hospital, they were unable to hide their emotions, reliving stories as if they had happened yesterday. They expressed the worries they had shared regarding the unstable system software the night before the hospital’s first day. They talked about their feelings at the time FV had officially opened but had no patients, and how they were bursting with joy when the hospital received its first – and how they looked forward to each new day when they could count more coming through the doors: 10 patients, 15 patients, 20 patients… A strange feeling that few have the chance to experience.

CEO, Doctor Jean-Marcel Guillon gives a speech at the Ceremony

After reviewing history, the time came for FV to honour the 223 staff members who have invested many years into FV’s development. Sixty staff members have worked for FV for five years, 41 members for 10 years and 122 senior members have worked at FV for 15 years or more. Representatives from each group shared their own emotional stories, and Dr Nguyen Van Te from the 15-year group told an interesting anecdote – her child now also works at FV Hospital, so now FV hospital has a successor generation.

Towards the end of the ceremony, FV’s CEO Dr. Guillon went back and forth on stage to give presents and merits to assembled staff members – for the last 15 years he had strived to find new ways to recognise the hospital’s dedicated employees, even choosing gifts for his closest colleagues himself. But… the hospital hasn’t had any policy to recognise Dr Guillon’s contributions.

FV’s dedicated staff receives merits and gifts

Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon has also worked for 15 years at the hospital. It is difficult to choose any gift meaningful enough to express gratitude to the talented leader of FV Hospital – as the hospital’s shareholders and founders put it, a thousand gifts would not be not enough. Therefore, all the FV staff and his close friends tried to find personal heartfelt gifts to offer.

Ms Dao Thi Ngoc Bich, Head of Insurance Department and one of the first members to work at FV, pinned a medallion with a golden FV logo to his chest in recognition all the difficult years from the day he established FV Hospital until today. COO Ms Thanh Mai, representing the members of Board of Directors, presented Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon with a photo album entitled “Legend” containing a collection of photos chronicling his journey since arriving in Vietnam. And, perhaps more importantly, there were handwritten messages inside the book that convey the employees’ love and admiration for their leader.

The next gift presented by CFO Ms Tran Le Quyen was a voucher for Dr Guillon and his beloved partner to put aside their work responsibilities and enjoy a five-star cruise from Paris, the City of Light, to Venice, the City of Love. And finally, a gift from his best friend, artist Daniel You, a painting of Dr Guillon playing the guitar. While the artist will personally deliver the original painting, a copy was displayed on stage for everyone to admire and enjoy.

On behalf of all FV members, FV’s COO Ms Thanh Mai presents to Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon a meaningful gift – a photo album entitled “Legend”

FV’s CFO Ms Tran Le Quyen presents to Dr. Guillon a voucher for a luxury cruise from Paris to Venice

A painting by artist Daniel You for Dr Guillon

In a surge of emotion, Dr Guillon expressed his appreciation to all members of the FV family. Thanks to their contribution, after 15 years of operation, he has fulfilled his goal of bringing international-standard medical services to Vietnam. Speaking about himself, he claimed not to be a “cute” person and not even a talented leader. However, he might not know that when it comes to FV’s success and reputation, no one can deny his leading role and position in creating a home for the “FV Family”.

Every member of FV Family is happy with their job and Thanh Mai shared their sentiments: “He gave his staff so much, not money, but opportunity. It is a great opportunity to work in a safe, ideal and international-standard environment.”

To close the ceremony, Dr Guillon shared some insights about what the team was working towards for FV’s future: To become one of the leading healthcare providers in Asia and to establish FV Group outposts in all of the large cities across Vietnam.

Staff members take photos after the event

FV’s management is proud of the long-term commitment of the hospital’s many employees and has confidence in the staff’s commitment. Together, we are all proud of our accomplishments and look forward to celebrating 20-year, 25-year and many more future milestones.

Once again, many thanks to all the members who came and together made this ceremony such a great success.