The ‘Hand magician’ – Dr Stéphane Guero returns to Vietnam

Dr Stéphane Guero, known as the “Hand Magician” will return to Vietnam to continue his mission of bringing hope to those with impaired hands. From 22nd – 27th April 2024, at FV Hospital, he will conduct consultations and perform complex surgeries to reconstruct and improve the function and aesthetics of malformed hands.

Dr Stéphane Guero, the “hand magician”

Performing hundreds of complex surgeries worldwide.

Performing hundreds of complex surgeries worldwide, hand surgery is not only a remarkable advancement in medicine but also a “miracle” for those living with this disability. Dr Stéphane Guero has achieved miracles in this field, from finger transfers,  reconstructing gripping function, bone grafts to reshaping finger digits. These accomplishments showcase his talent while bringing optimism to hundreds of patients around the world.

Among the special patients treated at FV Hospital, many are children supported by the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund. Cases like Nguyen Thanh Trung, Nguyen Pham Tuong Vy, or Tran Nguyen Minh Dat are evidence of the combined power of medicine with compassion.

Trung’s hand before and after his third surgery

There are children afflicted with Apert syndrome, causing limb deformities, where finger bones do not fully develop, resulting in malformed hands; some are born with congenital absence of fingers on one or both hands; others possess a thumb without bones or hands that cannot extend. However, with his extraordinary skills, Dr Stéphane Guero has conducted a series of complex surgeries, striving to restore the hands of these children to their inherent functionality.

The condition of Vy’s hand is much improved and she can now use her fingers

He is known as the “Hand Magician” but what he accomplishes surely doesn’t come from magic; it stems from medicine, talent, and his meticulous dedication to this extraordinary craft. Furthermore, Dr Stéphane Guero’s success underscores the leap of modern medicine and the “miracles” created through human intellect. One doctor’s hand may have connected countless other hands of these children and their families. 

Opportunity for hand disability patients to be treated locally 

For many years, Dr Stéphane Guero has treated hundreds of hand disability patients in Vietnam through collaboration with FV Hospital. Numerous rare and exceptional cases worldwide have been successfully performed by him at FV. As a leading expert in hand deformity surgery, he considers this work both a passion and a responsibility he has to children.

Minh Dat’s right hand (left photo) before and after the surgery (right hand). He can straighten his hand now.

Dr Stéphane Guero stated that he chose FV as the treatment centre for patients because the hospital meets international standards for patient safety, including standards for infection control, operating theatre management and excellent postoperative care procedures… but especially because the surgical team is well-trained and of the highest quality. These are crucial factors that determine the success of his surgeries.

Dr Stéphane Guero performs surgeries at FV Hospital.

FV’s collaboration with world-leading experts like Dr Stéphane Guero to treat challenging cases has provided patients with the opportunity for treatment within the country, thus saving costs. At the same time, it is also an opportunity for local doctors to exchange and learn from the capabilities of these leading experts. These connections not only bring significant advancements in the field of medicine but also serve as a prime example of community and social responsibility that FV has been nurturing.

To book an appointment with Dr Stéphane Guero during his next visit from 22nd – 27th April 2024, please contact FV Hospital’s Bone & Joint Centre: (028) 5411 3333.

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