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Customer Service: A Bridge Between Patients And Fv

“In fact, the demand of customers is the need of having an effective healthcare, if we listen, understand patients’ psychology, sympathize with patients, then all problems will be solved” – Ms. Phan Hai Yen – Head of Customer Relations with 7 years of experience in FV sharing about her profession.

The Customer Service Department is the department that in charge of connecting the patients / patients’ families with the hospital. On the other hand, this is the center for receiving comments and even complaints from patients/ patient’s families about the service quality at FV.

Everyday, there are many cases that the Customer Service Department receives and solves. Though, there are subjective and objective causes of customer dissatisfaction with the service, but all of them are solved carefully thanks to the professional level and knowledge of the FV’s Customer Service Department.

Besides receiving and solving comments and questions from patients/ patient’s families, the daily work of the Customer Service Department is also to visit every during their hospitalization. This can be seen as a simple action but it brings such great significance expressing the special care of FV for our customers.

After patients are discharged from the hospital, the Customer Service Department staffs will conduct a survey on the satisfaction of patients about the services, food’s qualities, the enthusiastic in serving and the attitude of the staffs … then all the comments from customers will be transferred to the ministries in order to make the necessary improvements.

Ms. Hai Yen also shared some of the common occurrences in FV: “When customers do not understand any information about the hospital’s paper procedure, they often look for answers at the Customer Service Department. Sometimes there are situations that are quite confusing even for us but we still have to manage to satisfy customers’ satisfaction and don’t let it become any difficulties for the hospital. “When the staffs of Customer Service Department were asked about the secret key to always love their work, Ms. Hai Yen shared, “After hours and hours of working, we will go out together like watching movies, reading, shopping. Customer service is a hard job but with the desire to bring joy to everyone, the joy of the customer is our joy, we easily overcome difficult challenges in all situations”.

“The secret to success is to do things without thinking about the credits. This is the principle of our room!” – Ms. Hai Yen said. Speaking more about the development of orientation in 2018 of the Customer Service Department, Hai Yen continued: “Our department will continue to improve the profession in customer care, continuing improve the quality of service to serve our customers in the best way.
At the same time, please notice that we also have a hotline for customers who want to contact in case of emergency: 0962 627 846 and a mailbox: for any feedbacks.

Friendly and enthusiastic with customers is an indispensable factor for us. You will feel a rich and active source of energy in Ms. Hai Yen whenever you meet her.
Professional style, happy attitude, enthusiastic is the way that Ms. Hai Yen transmits to people.

Taking care of a customer is not just a job for you to earn money for yourself, but it also brings a lot of skills and experiences that you can not find in other professions. Hai Yen is a typical example for those who want to embark on this path.

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