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Paediatric Clinical Psychologist Nguyen Vo Minh Hien Joins FV Hospital

Clinical Psychologist Nguyen Vo Minh Hien graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience in 2014 from the University of Dallas, Texas, USA. She pursued further studies, earning a Master of Education in Applied Behaviour Analysis from University of Cincinnati,

USA in 2019. Ms Minh Hien also joined fellowships focusing on Child Development, enhancing her expertise in paediatric clinical psychology.

Her choice to specialise in paediatric psychology was driven by her passion for caring for children and her observations of substantial advancements in ways to treat children, as well as progress being made by young patients. Following extensive years of study, practice, and work at psychological counselling centres in the US, psychologist Nguyen Vo Minh Hien identified potential to alleviate obstacles in later development through early detection and intervention of children’s psychological and behavioural issues. The growing incidence of childhood psychological disorders was attributed to diverse factors, while access to adequate treatment remains limited. Ms Minh Hien emphasises the importance of attentive observation, dedicated care, and interactive engagement by parents in detecting difficulties in children. Timely intervention is crucial to achieving optimal recovery outcomes.

Ms Minh Hien specialises in evaluating and treating psychological problems in children aged 0-15 years, including:

– Screening, assessment, and intervention for issues such as: attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder; autism spectrum disorder; language disorders; learning difficulties; eating disorders; sleep disorders; Tic disorders, such as Tourette Syndrome; behavioural disorders; and stress; etc.

– Provision of psychological support to hospitalised children and their families.

Before commencing her role at the Clinical Psychology Department of FV Hospital in July 2023, Ms Minh Hien gained a great deal of experience when completing clinical observerships at Water Reed National Military Medical Centre, Maryland, USA (2013-2014) and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Texas, USA, (2014); and working as a volunteer at the Centre for Children and Families, University of Dallas, Texas, USA (2014-2016); senior consultant, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Easter Seals North Texas Child Development Centre, Texas, USA, (2015-2016); senior consultant, behavioural therapy, Children’s Therapy and Learning Centre ATC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2020 – 2021); senior consultant, clinical psychologist, Children Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, (2022 – 2023). During these roles, Ms Minh Hien focused on assessing and monitoring children’s physical and psychological development, providing intervention for behavioural challenges, and fostering overall growth.

To schedule an appointment with Paediatric Clinical Psychologist – Ms Nguyen Vo Minh Hien, Clinical Psychology Department, FV Hospital, please contact: (028) 54 11 33 33, ext. 1519

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