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Dr Dang Nhan Tam, Specialist Level I, Joins The Pathology Unit, Laboratory & Blood Bank, FV Hospital

Dr Dang Nhan Tam graduated as a general doctor from the Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University in 2015 and received a Level I Specialisation Degree in 2020 from the same school. Dr Tam also regularly participated in pathology fellowships at Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital.

Pathologists often do not receive recognition from the community, but Dr Dang Nhan Tam is driven by her desire to explore the value of this specialty to benefit patients. Reviewing samples and diagnosing disease have become her passion.

Dr Dang Nhan Tam explains that pathology plays a vital role in finding out the cause and nature of diseases. As a pathologist, she diagnoses samples from patients, enabling clinicians to build appropriate treatment plans. She understands the immense responsibility that comes with this role: any inaccuracies in diagnosis or sample collection can lead to ineffective treatment, causing patients and their loved ones to suffer. She always meticulously considers each sample from multiple aspects to ensure accurate diagnosis, in turn enhancing treatment efficiency and optimising costs.

Dr Dang Nhan Tam joined FV Hospital in July 2023 and works at the Pathology Unit, FV Laboratory & Blood Bank, responsible for cytology and anatomical specimens. At FV Hospital, Dr Tam looks forward to studying patient samples from various specialties to expand her knowledge and become familiar with the JCI-standard sample reading process.

Despite being relatively young, Dr Tam has eight years of experience as a pathologist at major hospitals, including Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital (2018-2023) and Dong Nai Hospital (2015-2017).

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