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Dr Tran Anh Tan Joins FV Lifestyle Clinic

Dr Tran Anh Tan joined the team of doctors at FV Lifestyle Clinic (Cosmetics & Plastic Surgery) in November 2022. Dr Anh Tan, Specialisation Level I, has 17 years of experience in plastic surgery for the eyes and nose, skin tightening, breast and abdominal shaping, liposuction and scar revisions, particularly in cases of scarring due to burns and accidents. All the treatment is based on anthropometric indicators and ensure medical standards to have the body’s golden ratio. Besides, Dr Anh Tan also has many years of professional experience in microsurgery and wound care, such as pressure ulcers and foot wounds caused by diabetes.

Dr Tran Anh Tan graduated from the University of Medicine in Ho Chi Minh City in 2005 and received the Specialisation Level I in Plastic Surgery from Pham Ngoc Thach Medicine University in 2014. Currently, Dr Tan is pursuing his Specialisation Level 2, majoring in Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetics, also at Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University.

Dr Anh Tan has complicated the following domestic fellowships: Reconstructive Burn Surgery, Cho Ray Hospital, 2006; Clinical Training and Microsurgery, Orthopaedics Hospital, 2010; Plastic Surgery and Cosmetics, University of Medicine, Ho Chi Minh City, 2012. Overseas, he has completed fellowships at Korea Cosmetic Medicine Institute, Seoul, 2017, and The East Avenue Medical Center, Philippines, 2018.

Prior to joining the team at FVH, Dr Tan worked at the Burn and Reconstructive Surgery Department, Cho Ray Hospital (2007-2016); American International Hospital (2019); and aesthetics clinics Cat Cat (2016-2018), S-One (2019-2020) and Jacqueline (2022).

At FV Hospital, Dr Tran Anh Tan looks forward to leveraging his skills and experience to advise discerning clients on the latest cosmetic solutions and obtain optimal outcomes with the utmost respect for harmonious aesthetics and natural beauty. In addition, Dr Tan will examine and treat patients with burns, acute wounds and chronic ulcers at FV hospital.

To make an appointment with Dr Tran Anh Tan, SLI, FV Lifestyle Clinic, please call (028) 5411 3333, ext. 7000.

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