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Many of Vietnamese celebrities have given birth to their children at FV, and not one time, but for the second time or even more.

A newborn baby is happiness for not only the parents but also the family as a whole. At FV Hospital, the doctors and midwives work side by side in complete harmony to provide the best care they can for mothers and their babies from the first contraction until the final postnatal treatment.

Caring for a newborn at FV

Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Trang, 44, Deputy Head Midwife, Nursing – Maternity and Delivery Ward, says all midwifes make substantial but silent contributions to the whole process, and all know what to do when they serve a newborn case so that they can ease the anxiety that every parent feels and give them confidence in all things.

As improving patient care has become a priority for FV with the overall objective of achieving a high degree of patient satisfaction, FV sent her to Singapore for a training course this November at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital to learn more about the quality of care of the regional leader in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Paediatrics. Accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), both FV and KK have received the JCI Gold Seal of Approval in recognition of their commitment to safety and quality of patient care and organisation management. The course was also a recognition of Ms. Thanh Trang’s service at FV since it opened in 2003.

Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Trang, Deputy Head Midwife, on duty at FV Hospital

“Given with the JCI accreditation, both FV and KK try their best to ensure the highest level of patient safety,” Ms. Thanh Trang says while sharing what she has seen from KK. “However, there are also differences such as FV provides inpatient care in three days after the mom’s delivery while KK does this in 24 hours then the mom goes home receiving further care from local medical workers. This is because Singapore is a developed country and its local medical workers can provide good care for moms just 24 hours after delivery. At FV here, our three-day services aim to ensure enough proper care for both the mom and the baby, and to educate the mom and the family how to take care of the baby such as breastfeeding, storing breast milk, helping the baby when the newborn has some yellowing of the skin.”

Ms. Thanh Trang also shares, “I sent my deep thanks to the FV chief executive officer, Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon, who had given me a great opportunity to witness the way a leading Obstetrics and Gynaecology hospital in a developed country operates. As a popular Vietnamese saying puts ‘Traveling broadens your mind’, I’m bringing what I learnt from KK back to FV and help my colleagues in continuously improving our service quality.”

Dr Guillon comments, “Trang is modest so she doesn’t like much when she herself is put on the forefront, but she deserves to be at the position she is. Everyone likes her and appreciates her contributions and efforts.” He adds she is dedicated and knowledgeable.

One of the way she drives her team is to energize the midwives by striving to bring passion and positive energy to the workplace every day. Thanks to Ms Thanh Trang,  they have a source of positive energy.

In addition, she leads the midwifes through experience and competence, not through position. Trang mentors and encourages them, makes partners out of them. Asked about the teamwork spirit at FV, Ms. Thanh Trang recalls a case in which Ms. H, a French woman that got complications with her perineum stiches after delivery and had to stay at the Maternity Ward until the wound was fully healed. The mom also suffered from distress and anxiety. The newborn was allowed to stay with her, but breastfeeding not allowed because the mom was taking antibiotics. Despite of being comforted by the midwives, the mom remained stressed, thus they had to take turn to care for her. Each time the midwives came to bring her drugs, clean her wound or change her clothes, they shared the pain with her.

Every day the midwives reminded each other of being patient and continuous caring for and encouraging the patient with all their hearts. Ms. Thanh Trang believed that this wholehearted sharing would help the mom recover faster. It was true – the French mom felt much better rapidly. On her discharge day, it was difficult for her to say goodbye to the midwives, who have seemingly become close friends to her.

The Maternity and Delivery Ward has just received another piece of good news: Ms. H. had informed the midwife team that she was expecting her second baby, and she can’t wait for the delivery time at FV again.

The midwife team and other staff feel happy when their patients are happy with their service.

Ms. Thanh Trang adds many of Vietnamese celebrities have given birth to their children at FV, and not one time, but for the second time or even more. The department as a whole consider this as great awards for them.

Thanh Trang in brief

  • Joined FV Hospital in 2003
  • Hobbies: Watching movie series
  • Leisure time: Improving knowledge
  • Favorite color: Green
  • Future goal: Master degree in nursing management
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