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FV rescured in time the severely infected feet of the surfing coach

Recently, FV Hospital’s Orthopedic Department has successfully performed a surgery which cured a severely infected leg due to traffic accident of an English surfing coach.The patient is Anthony Hellam (age 51). He is now living in Mui Ne and is a surfing couch.

At 3:00 am on 31st. October, 2017, Anthony was driving a motorbike on the way while he suddenly got hit by a taxi coming out of an apartment. Anthony’s right leg was banged  by a taxi’s plate, slitting into a long and deep line. The taxi then ran away leaving him lying on the road. After a moment of dizziness, Anthony tried his best to put up the bike and run another 4km to his familiar clinic with his bleeding right leg. There, he was first aid and then transferred to Phan Thiet hospital.

The condition of cramped room and the medical situation is so bad that Anthony’s wounds had subsequently infected and worsened. Friends who visited him had taken a picture of the wound, sent it to the doctor in England and they received answer: in the case of such the wound and infection, his leg would be difficult to keep. Suffering in pain and despair, Anthony thought he could never go surfing again.

On the day of 3rd November, everything has changed. A friend of Anthony in Australia called and got contact to take him to FV hospital for treatment. Welcoming him in the hospital was General Director of the hospital Jean Marcel-Guillon, Dr. Phat Le – Head of Orthopedic Department, Dr. Khiem and nursing staff.

Dr. Phat Le immediately began the examination and determining the wound status of the patient. The doctor said the patient was severely injured with a broken leg fracture, loss of tendon and muscle, had serious damage to the soft tissue and infection and was in the high risk of losing leg.

Dr. Phat Le and his team did not surrender. They determined to do their best to keep back the patient’s legs. Anthony was brought into the operating room. Here, Dr. Phat conducted excision, transfer skin and muscle to temporarily back up fibula, then grab a patch of skin from the patient’s thigh and transplant to bring down covering up skin necrosis. After surgery, the patient was taken care and monitored carefully.

On the 9th December, Anthony was fevered again because of the infection fibula. Dr. Phat was determined to retain the leg of patient. He further performed surgery to remove part fibula, thoroughly removed gangrenous infection. The patient’s condition began to improve and the right leg was successfully retained.

Dr. Phat who was in charge of Anthony’s treatment said:

“The case of patient Anthony will require surgery at least once more time for skin transplants. Once healed, the patient will be doing physical therapy, learning to walk again … he will recover”.

After nearly a month of surgery, Anthony was able to move around his room on crutches. He was only wearing a vacuum-assisted closure of a wound – an instrument to promote the process of healed, help clean the wound and reduce edema. His spirits are also more cheerful, excited and optimistic.

The patient shared his thought that because the accident happened so suddenly that he did not have enough expenses to be treated. But FV hospital is ready to support the cost of surgery for him, even agree to let him stay in one of the house reserved for the experts of FV to facilitate treatment and checkup. In addition, Anthony’s friends donate online to support him somewhat. He said: “I had an accident on 31st October, until the 4th November I was transferred to FV. I have been there since then. Estimated cost of treatment is $ 30,000.”

Anthony’s very grateful for what the team of doctors at FV had done for him. One thing makes he touched and repeated again that, in FV, beside the service quality standards JCI makes him feel like he was at a British hospital, then all members of FV were very professional, responsible and wholeheartedly with their patient. He said: “From a distance, seeing me walk on crutches for my re-examined alone, the guard quickly brought wheelchairs to support and help me. Those who visit me are surprised of the fact that there is such a hospital in Vietnam”

Anthony hopes that his body condition is well improved for him to celebrate a real meaningful Christmas Holiday. Then he will return to Mui Ne, continue to work with his peaceful life.

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