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Psychologist Bui Thi Quynh Anh, MSc, joins the Clinical Psychology Department of FV Hospital

Ms Bui Thi Quynh Anh graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a Master’s degree in Psychoanalytic clinical psychopathology, majoring in Infanto-juvenile Psychopathology, from the University of Paris 7, Diderot (Paris Cité University), France. As a psychologist, Bui Thi Quynh Anh has extensive expertise and experience in counselling, support, and providing therapeutic intervention in both French and Vietnamese; providing therapeutic intervention services to children and adolescents; and offering family psychological counselling.

In each case, psychologists will use specific appropriate methods in keeping with the age and sensitivity of the individual to help them to express their difficulties. These methods may include personality and intelligence assessment through evaluation or intermediate tools such as painting, clay or modelling games.

Before joining the FV team, Ms Quynh Anh held roles at various respected care centres: Department of Child and Adolescent Psychology and Psychiatry, GHU Paris-Sainte-Anne, Paris, France; The Psycho-Medico-Social Centre (CPMS) of Foundation Élan Retrouvé, France (internship); The Montreuil Psychological and Medical Centre, France (internship);

Clinical psychologist at Centre Médical International (CMI), HCMC, Vietnam (May 2022 – present); Pedagogical assistant and interpreter at the Faculty of Psychology, HCM University of Social Sciences & Humanities (February 2022 – present) In October 2022, Bui Thi Quynh Anh officially joined the team at FV Hospital’s Clinical Psychology Department as a psychologist specialising in consulting and treating children and adolescents for psychological disorders, emotional disorders, learning disorders, behavioural disorders, and anxiety disorders.

Now that she has returned to Vietnam to work, Ms Quynh Anh wishes to raise community awareness of common psychological problems in children so that specialists can intervene promptly to help children have a better learning experience and quality of life. In psychology, she said, a customised treatment regime is important as each person is a different case and comes from a unique background. Doctors or psychologists must have the skills to listen and accompany patients on their journey so that they have the opportunity to overcome their current difficulties.

To make an appointment with Bui Thi Quynh Anh, MSC, The Clinical Psychology Department, please contact: (028) 54 11 33 33, ext 1519

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