How does FVH’s Membership Card work?

FVH Membership Card benefits are available at both FVH and FV Saigon Clinic.  When making appointments for consultations and treatment services at FVH or FV Saigon Clinic, simply show your Membership Card to FVH’s Membership Counter for support and instruction.  After your consultation or treatment, give your Membership Card to our cashier so that they can apply your preferential benefits and discounts.

FV Hospital Membership Customer Consultants

FV Hospital’s dedicated and highly trained team of Membership Customer Consultants is ready to answer all of your questions regarding FVH’s Membership Programme.

  • Membership Customer Consultants will explain all Membership Programme benefits and help you to select the programme most suitable for your individual needs, lifestyle and budget.
  • Our Membership Customer Consultants can meet you at a convenient venue of your choosing. You can choose to visit us at FV Hospital or FV Saigon Clinic, or, a consultant can visit you in your home or at any other preferred location.

Membership Counter

As a member, you will receive dedicated support from our Membership Counter, a one-stop shop for members located in the Indochine Lobby, where the Membership Coordinator is working.  Members can obtain all information about buying, upgrading and renewing memberships, about benefits, help for appointments and information about hospital services

Useful contact information:

  • For more information about FV’s Membership Programme, please contact the Membership Counter on (028) 54 11 34 64, or the Membership Customer Consultant team on (028) 62 91 11 67.
  • If you’d like to book an appointment via FV’s Membership Counter, please dial (028) 54 11 34 64.
  • To contact FVH’s Accident & Emergency Department, please call (028) 54 11 35 00.