Inpatient Services Benefits

  • You are covered for emergency treatment, hospitalisation, surgery and maternity up to VND220,000,000 during each Membership Year. This coverage includes:
    • Up to VND110,000,000 for medical expenses related to an accident in the Accident & Emergency department and during hospitalisation
    • Up to VND110,000,000 for medical expenses related to sickness and maternity care with the following sub-limits:
      • Emergency treatment expenses: VND5,000,000/day
      • Hospitalisation expenses (excluding surgery): VND5,000,000/day;
      • Surgical expenses: up to VND88,000,000;
      • Hospitalisation in Maternity expenses (excluding prenatal check-up): VND28,600,000/year, with the following sub-limits:
        • Normal delivery as well as pregnancy complications: VND5,000,000/day;
        • Caesarean section: VND22,000,000 for the surgical procedure and VND5,000,000/day for hospitalisation expenses
    • Note that during hospitalisation the insurance covers up to a standard single room
  • You also benefit from a discount of 15% on hospitalisation expenses not covered by the Bao Viet Healthcare Insurance provided these expenses are not part of the exclusions and do not occur during waiting periods (refer to the brochure Schedule of Benefits – Terms & Conditions)

Outpatient Services Benefits

  • Unlimited free of charge consultations within selected specialties* at FVH and FV Saigon Clinic.
  • Unlimited free of charge consultations at FVH Accident & Emergency Department.
  • 20% discount on the FVH Health Check-up Programmes (excluding the Wellness Health Check-up Programme).
  • 5% discount on Laboratory and Imaging investigations ordered by FV doctor during Outpatient or Accident & Emergency consultations.

Privilege Membership fees depend on the member’s age

Select Age Of Member Price

Members ineligible for inpatient insurance coverage under the Bao Viet Healthcare Insurance can still purchase a Privilege Membership but are only entitled to outpatient service benefits and discount for hospitalisation offered by FVH.

* All specialties at FVH, excluding Dental, Dental Implants, Plastic Surgery, Anti-Aging, Obstetrics, Psychiatric, Clinical Psychology and External Consultation (i.e. with doctors or specialists that do not work for FVH), , Lithotripsy and Endoscopy – please refer to FVH’s Schedule of Benefits of Membership and Terms and Conditions booklets for further information.