Our Save & Safe membership is particularly designed for patients who already have hospitalisation insurance coverage and would like convenient access to FVH outpatient services. The Save & Safe Membership has no age restriction.

Benefits include

  • Unlimited free of charge consultations within selected specialties* at FVH and FV Saigon Clinic.
  • Unlimited free of charge consultations at FVH’s Accident & Emergency Department.
  • 15% discount on FVH Health Check-up Programmes (not applicable to the Wellness Health Check-up programme).
  • 5% discount on Laboratory and Imaging investigations ordered by FV doctor during Outpatient or Accident & Emergency consultations.

Save & Safe Membership fees

Save & Safe Membership premiums are tiered according to the Member’s age, ensuring you benefit from the best possible care at the best possible price.

Select Age Of Member Price

*All specialties at FVH, excluding Dental, Dental Implants, Plastic Surgery, Anti-Aging, Obstetrics, Psychiatric, Clinical Psychology and External Consultation (i.e. with doctors or specialists that do not work for FVH), Lithotripsy and Endoscopy – please refer to FVH’s Schedule of Benefits of Membership and Terms and Conditions booklets for further information.