Cerebral Radiotherapy

Radiation on the brain can sometimes cause side effects. You may or may not experience adverse effects. The effects and their severity vary from person to person. This sheet contains detailed information about potential side effects and ways to deal with them. Generally, side effects appear from the 3rd week of treatment and tend to become more acute at the end of treatment.


Radiation on the head can cause headaches, nausea or neurological disorders and dizziness. Most often, these symptoms are due to the increased pressure of the circulating fluid inside the head due to radiotherapy. If you experience any of these symptoms, you must inform your radiation oncologist right away so he/she can give you an appropriate cortisone-based treatment.


Around the 3rd week of treatment, patients often lose hair. Most often, hair grows back after a few months. When it grows back, its appearance is more beautiful than before.

Avoid unnecessary intrusive hair care (hot water, dies shampoo).

The hair is lost only in the area located next to the tumor.


Your scalp might become red and itchy.

Do not apply anything on your scalp before consulting with your radiation oncologist. Protect your skin from the sun.


Feeling tired does not mean that your condition is deteriorating. Possible causes are: the sickness itself, change in your daily activities, weight loss, loss of appetite, anxiety, treatments you may have received (surgery…), or the daily repetition of your treatment.

You may or may not experience the above side effects.

Most feelings of irritation and congestion will progressively disappear a few weeks after the end of your treatment.

Tell the therapeutic radiographers or your radiation oncologist about any unusual feelings you may receive appropriate treatment.

Your radiation oncologist will give you the most appropriate treatment for your specific case. Ask him/ her any further question you may have.