COVID-19 testing using RT-PCR Technology at FV Hospital

In order to share the testing resources and help prevent the spread of COVID-19, FV Hospital has launched a COVID-19 testing service using RT-PCR technology. The service has two options for collecting samples, either at FV Hospital or at the patients’ home.


FV’s Laboratory Department uses the RT-PCR testing technique (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) which ensures a 99 percent precision rate. It also provides test results to patients after only four to five hours from the taking of the samples. Depending on the number of specimens, patients will receive the test result within 24 hours. The COVID-19 RT-PCR testing method detects gene fragments (RNA) of SARS-CoV-2 in the samples taken from the patient. These are taken from the upper and lower respiratory tract by many different methods, including fluids nasopharyngeal by cotton swab.

FV’s Laboratory Department is one of the few laboratories in Vietnam that has advanced modern equipment and is certified to meet the stringent requirements of the Ministry of Health. FV’s Laboratory Department can, approximately, carry out 250 to 400 disease samples a day.

The testing quality and the analytical performance of FV’s Laboratory Department have been compared and evaluated to meet international standards, making it comparable to all major laboratories in the world. FV’s Laboratory Department has achieved ISO 15189:2012 certification by the Vietnam Laboratory System (VILAS) and also received a level 6 SIGMA Vp certification by Westgard QC, Quality Measurement Organization in 2019, illustrating the high standards FV abides by for quality. Together, with an international standard PCR system, FV’s Laboratory Department is fully confident in its ability to measure and perform testing.

Mr Friend Maviza, Head of FV’s Laboratory and Blood Bank Department, shared: “FV’s Laboratory Department is ready to conduct the SARS-CoV-2 test. We have two specialized test stations, including an automated laboratory with RT-PCR equipment system and an immune technical laboratory for screening. Currently, the Laboratory Department can reach a maximum capacity of 400 samples per day. We have also sent personnel to the Pasteur Institute for training so as to enhance the expertise and ensure empirical safety.”


In addition to providing COVID-19 testing, FV Hospital also applies a strict screening process, which is made up of two systems that are outlined below:

Distance Screening:

When patients call to make an appointment, the operator will ask screening questions about their recent travel history, checking whether patients have come from epidemic zones, and whether they have suspected symptoms or not. If the answer is yes, the patient will be advised to contact a local health unit for medical reporting and instruction.

Screening at FV Hospital:

The screening process at FV is carried out for any patient, relative, or visitor when they come to the hospital. At the entrance, nurses are stationed to administer the screening process. This process is comprised of checking the temperature of the patients, requiring patients to wear masks, ensuring patients wash their hands and asking patients about travel history, and symptoms related to respiratory diseases. Patients and their relatives who are deemed completely safe will be allowed to come inside for examination and treatment.

The patients from COVID-19 epidemic zone, whether contacting with people who have COVID-19 or having many symptoms that relate to COVID-19 will be taken to an isolation zone for checking. Here samples will be taken and patients will be asked to wait at the zone until they receive their testing results.

People who are found to be positive for COVID-19 will be transferred to the hospital as instructed by the Ministry of Health and notified to the HCDC (HCMC Center for Disease Control). Any negative cases where suspected infections are found will also be reported to HCDC.


For customers who are in need of COVID-19 testing, but are unable to visit the hospital for sample taking, FV Hospital has launched a COVID-19 on-site screening service for both individuals and organisations in accordance with the Ministry of Health standard procedures. This service is not only more convenient but also safer for the community. To arrange home testing, customers can contact 0962 62 78 26 or register online at:

For more information about COVID-19 on-site screening service, please click here:

Patients who would like to have testing for COVID-19 at FV Hospital, please contact 028 5411 3333 for instructions on the safety procedures prior to visiting the hospital.

According to WHO, the incubation period for COVID-19 is from 2 to 14 days and a person infected with the virus can remain perfectly healthy for up to 14 days after infection. Therefore, COVID-19 testing will help patients detect whether they have the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and help avoid spreading within the community.

With the complicated and fast infection rate of the COVID-19 epidemic in recent days, Dr Vu Truong Son, Senior Consultant for Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine at FV Hospital recommends that people should stay calm, not be complacent and follow the instructions given by the government as well as their local medical unit. Currently, FV Hospital still meets the demands of customers for testing COVID-19. If you have suspicious symptoms, please come to undergo testing as soon as possible. This is the best way to protect your family, community and reduce the medical burden on the Vietnamese government.