Dr Basma M’barek Presents on Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Therapy for ESCC at an Oesophageal Cancer Conference

Dr Basma M’Barek, Head of Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, FV Hospital, delivered a noteworthy presentation at the “Updates in the Advancement of Surgery and Management of Oesophageal Cancer” conference held by Cho Ray Hospital on September 23, 2023, in Da Nang. This conference was a significant event, gathering many national and international leading cancer experts.

Attending the conference as one of four international presenters, Dr Basma’s talk “Techniques and Results of Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Therapy for ESCC” was focused on updating advancements in the treatment and management of oesophageal cancer. Dr Basma’s presentation notably explained in detail the role and application of preoperative radiation therapy in the treatment of oesophageal cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma.

Dr Basma M’barek, Head of the Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, FV Hospital, delivered a noteworthy presentation at the oesophageal cancer conference.

During the third session of the conference, Dr Basma stated, “Currently, all international guidelines and recent research support the crucial role of concurrent chemo-radiation in preparing patients for cancer surgery.” Through research and practice at FV, Dr Basma reported that providing concurrent chemo-radiation for four weeks, followed by a waiting period of four to six weeks before surgery, has significantly improved treatment efficacy without increasing toxicity.

Dr Basma M’barek‘s presentation was highly regarded by her colleagues for its practicality and applicability. Deputy Director of Cho Ray Hospital Lam Viet Trung, MD, PhD, mentioned that through clear explanations and detailed data regarding concurrent chemo-radiation for squamous cell carcinoma, Dr Basma has successfully convinced many surgeons to have more confidence in this new technique. This is particularly true when the hospital is able to utilise new machinery and technologies to significantly improve the accuracy and effectiveness of radiation therapy.

Dr Viet Trung explained that oesophageal cancer is currently the ninth most common cancer in the world and is three to four times more common in males than in females. Although medical technology has made significant advancements, the surgical and medical treatment of oesophageal cancer remains a challenge due to its complexity. He hopes that the conference will provide an opportunity for medical professionals to explore new treatment methods, optimise surgical options, and contribute to improving the quality of care for patients.

Dr Basma M’barek takes a commemorative photo with fellow speakers and cancer experts from Vietnam and other countries. 

This conference has attracted the participation of speakers from Japan, Australia, and hundreds of experts and doctors from all over Vietnam, contributing to creating a large international forum for exchanging knowledge and experience in the treatment and management of oesophageal cancer. With their strengths in knowledge, experience, and modern facilities applied in radiation therapy for cancer, Dr Basma and the Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre have made significant contributions to the success of the conference and the advancements in oesophageal cancer treatment in Vietnam.

Since its establishment in 2018, Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre has continuously expanded its network of collaborators, participated in scientific research, and made efforts to share its experience with the medical community. With appropriate investment from FV Hospital, Hy Vong has delivered positive treatment outcomes for cancer patients in Vietnam, using techniques equivalent to those in advanced centres worldwide and at a reasonable cost.

Hy Vong’s two main advantages are that it receives active cooperation and support from multidisciplinary teams at FV Hospital and also maintains strong connections with leading oncology hospitals in Vietnam and renowned cancer centres globally, such as HCG.

FV Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology to treat various types of cancer.

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