FV administers 2nd dose COVID-19 vaccination for the French community in Southern Vietnam

From 23rd to 27th August 2021, FV Hospital will start the second round of COVID-19 vaccination (Moderna) for nearly 4,000 people in the French community. This is the vaccination campaign organised by The French Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City for French citizens and their relatives who are living in Southern of Vietnam. This programme continues from the first round of vaccination which was organised by FV Hospital at the end of July.

According to Letter 2796/UBND-VX approved by HCMC People’s Committee, people who are to be injected Covid-19 vaccine belong to Code 13 in Annex 1. They are allowed to come to vaccination site. Please show your appointment card for Covid-19 vaccination to authorities in your wards, communes, towns to be able to come to FV hospital.

Performing the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine for the French community on 29th, July

Accordingly, before 20th August 2021, people who have received the first dose of vaccine will receive notification about the second vaccination schedule from FV Hospital, via their registered email. On 20th August 2021, FV Hospital will also organise additional vaccination for nearly 300 people who were unable to complete their first vaccination. Those of additional vaccinated people have already received the appointment for vaccination from FV.

With the current social distancing requirements introducing  many obstacles, the number of people coming for vaccination is still quite large, in order to support the epidemic prevention work in the city as well as organise the vaccination programme smoothly and safely, the patients who have received the appointment, please kindly come punctually and not change the appointment schedule as required.

If you have received your first dose of vaccine as part of this programme at FV Hospital but still have not received an appointment for the second injection, kindly contact the hotline: 028 5411 3333 to verify and receive your vaccination appointment. 

With the agreement of the Vietnamese Government, the French Government transferred Covid-19 vaccine to Vietnam to support the vaccination for the French community in Vietnam. The French Consulate General selected FV Hospital to be a vaccination centre for nearly 5,000 French residents living in the south of Vietnam. It is equivalent to nearly 10,000 doses. Starting the programme from 29th July, 2021, FV Hospital has administered the first dose of vaccine for nearly 4,000 people with valid registrations, mainly living in Ho Chi Minh City. On 14th August, FV Hospital staff also went to Vung Tau City to perform vaccination for nearly 90 French citizens, who were also part of this programme.

In the vaccination campaign for French community, FV Hospital has been implementing the COVID-19 vaccination process, meeting the highest international standard procedures as applied in the French Republic. This process is not only effective and fast but also can meet the requirement to process a large number of people whilst ensuring   the safety of patients and staff.You can find more information about COVID-19 vaccination process following international standards of FV Hospital in the link below.