FV Hospital hosted the first celebration of ‘International Allied Health Professions Day (14th October)’

At noon on 18th October, FV Hospital organised a ceremony for the occasion of the International Allied Health Professions Day 2023. This was the first time this occasion was celebrated in the annual FV’s activity calendar.

The ceremony was attended by representatives from the Board of Directors, doctors, nurses, and a troop of over 50 allied health specialists working at FV. Although allied health professions have little patient interaction compared to doctors or nurses, their work plays a crucial role in the patient’s healthcare process.

Addressing the ceremony, Mr Mohd Fazli Shuib (Quality Management Director cum Head of Pharmacy) expressed his appreciation for the solidarity and teamwork in healthcare. He emphasised, “For my colleagues at FV, I see your solidarity even more clearly. Allied Health Professions extends to many different specialties. When you achieve connection between different parties, you will certainly overcome major challenges in the process of treating patients”.

Mr Fazli highlighting the significance of close cooperation for the success of the allied health departments.

Following Mr Fazli’s remarks, PhD.Dr Do Trong Khanh (Medical Director) conveyed his congratulations and thanks to the allied health specialists at FV on behalf of the doctors. Dr Khanh emphasised, “Doctors are only one part of a treatment plan, and allied health specialists play an important role in the overall success of this plan.” He also expressed hope for a more complete understanding of allied health groups in the Vietnamese community.

He shared that his mother is also an allied health specialist

Representing the allied health specialist groups, Ms Sylvie Feuerle (Imaging and Radiotherapy Manager), Mrs Catherine Cousin (Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department), and Ms Luong Thi Ngoc Ha (Clinical Dietician) shared insights from each group’s expertise, the development of their specialties, and the development model of the allied health field at FV. Ms Ngoc Ha said, “In 20 years of work, this is the first time I have attended an occupational honouring ceremony. Perhaps this will be a motivation for those who have been and will be pursuing allied medical expertise.”

Mrs Catherine Cousin – one of the initiators of the ceremony

The event concluded with inspiring stories from MSc. Dr Vu Truong Son (Deputy Medical Director) and Dr Basma M’Barek (Head of Oncology), promoting the importance of supporting colleagues in treatment. Dr Basma personally recognised the contributions of physicists and technicians working in FV’s Oncology Department, and highlighting, “They have a significant impact on maintaining patient and medical device safety. Their role during cancer treatment is irreplaceable”.

The team of allied medical specialists at FV comprises more than 60 members from various disciplines.

The celebration of International Allied Health Professions Day signifies the initiation of honouring other important groups in the healthcare sector at FV Hospital. Through this, FV aims to contribute to raising community awareness and fostering development in the allied health professions of Vietnam.

International Allied Health Professions Day is celebrated on 14th October every year. This international event was initiated as a social movement on Twitter by two UK-based clinicians in 2018. They wished to celebrate the dedication and efforts of all allied health professionals (AHP). Currently, this event has been recognised and celebrated in many countries around the world.

Allied health professions often include specialists in the fields of physiotherapy, imaging, ophthalmology & refraction, nuclear medicine, oncology, nutrition, psychology, and more.