Improvement in effectiveness of pelvic cancer treatment with laparoscopic surgery

With 10 years of experience performing laparoscopic cancer surgery (uterus, ovaries), endometriosis, vaginal prolapse … Dr. Sophie Sanguine – surgeon, Obstetrics & Gynecology Department, FV Hospital affirms that modern medicine industry is bringing better quality of treatment for patients suffering from gynecological diseases in general and pelvic cancer in particular.

Endoscopic surgery: effectiveness, safety and quick recovery

Currently, in addition to cervical cancer which has vaccine injection to prevent HPV between the ages of 9 – 26 years old without having sex, most other pelvic cancers common among women such as uterus cancer, ovarian cancer…still have no preventive measures. However, modern medicine is now striving to bring new, effective and safe treatments for patients. One of them is laparoscopic surgery.

Endoscopic surgery is for treatment of most gynecological diseases that require surgical intervention

For pelvic cancer diseases, operation is considered the most efficient method, applied in most treatment plans besides chemotherapy or complementary radiotherapy. Previously, most pelvic surgeries often left scars for a long time after surgeries, invading many nearby organs causing pain and need time to recover. Meanwhile, laparoscopic surgery currently obtains many advantages to overcome the limitations of open surgery. Dr. Sophie Sanguine said, “Instead of the long incision on the patient’s abdomen, laparoscopic surgery is less invasive (interventions only through 4 small holes) not only solve the problem of appearance but also help patients reduce pain as well as recovery time after surgery”.

With such above advantages, laparoscopic surgery is not only applied in the treatment of pelvic cancer but also applied in most gynecological diseases requiring surgical intervention and achieving various positive results.

Cancer is not a “dead end”

The majority of pelvic cancers do not show symptoms until the disease is severe. Therefore, the initiative to take regular gynecological exams is very important. In addition, when any abnormal signs are found, women need to have consultation with doctors soon. The early detection of disease will help treat effectively and more smoothly. The right and adequate treatment from the beginning will also bring positive results.

In addition to state-of-the-art facilities, comprehensive equipment and constantly updated treatments, FV Hospital also has a very good coordination between the therapists in the treatment to bring optimal results for patient. “Every Thursday we have a multi-disciplinary consultation on cancer with the participation of doctors from many different fields such as oncologists, surgeons, imaging doctors. … for discussion on each case.

Bác sĩ Sophie Sanguin – Khoa Sản Phụ khoa – Bệnh viện FV

This will bring a multidimensional approach to providing effective treatment for each patient.” Dr. Sophie shared. Talking about the most recently treated ovarian cancer patient, she said: “This patient had been treated by Dr Basma M’barek at Hy Vong Cancer Treatment Center – FV Hospital and later performed by Dr. Sophie. Now the patient is discharged, very happy and in perfect health condition.”

In the coming time, FV Hospital will equip more machines for cancer treatment in general and for laparoscopic surgery in particular. “Working conditions at FV are as professional as any hospital in France, I am completely comfortable and assured when performing laparoscopic surgery for patients here”, according to Dr. Sophie.

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Source: Sức Khỏe Đời Sống