Mrs. Truong Thi Phuong Nga

Dear all employees in FV Hospital,

I am writing this to extend my sincere gratitude to staffs, care assistants, nurses and doctors at FV Hospital. Especially, I am very grateful to Dr. Dai whom helped me to do successful surgery. He helped me to cure the disease that had abused me mentally for a long time. Oral tongue cancer in last stage made my tongue edema. I could not eat and could not even say a word clearly. Day by day, my health and mental became worst. During my bewilderment, my family has known about FV Hospital. Dr. Dai directly performed the surgery lasted 10 hours. My tongue was almost cut out all, only left a small part. Then, doctor continued to perform another surgery to make new tongue by using the skin in my lap. At this time, it was the newest and hardest surgery in the world. I am so fortunate to have such a dedicated doctor as Dr. Dai. Nowadays, I have recovered and have nearly sense the taste of spices in my mouth.

I wish your hospital will continue to grow to give our patients a trustful health care provider.

Hope the nurses and doctors always have good health and happy family.

Sincere thanks.