Hy Vong Cancer Centre

  • T. T. M
    Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    Thank you very much for helping patients overcome difficult days, helping patients have joy and faith in their future life. Especially Dr Thao, the nursing team, and the assistants of the Internal Medicine Department dedicatedly cared for and treated patients.

  • L. T. K. O
    Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    The service style of the Radiation Therapy staff is very gentle and considerate, making a cancer patient like me feel somewhat relieved from the pain of my illness. The radiotherapy room and hospital are also very thoughtful in arranging a picture of a cool, fresh blue sky so that patients like me can reduce some of the pressure during treatments.

  • V. T. K. T
    Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    The staff of the radiotherapy room are very kind, gentle and cheerful, making the patient feel less anxious.

  • T.T.N.T
    Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    We went to other hospitals in the past and they gave my husband wrong diagnoses and treatments for over a year. His medical condition was not improved until coming to FV. I appreciate Dr. Louis and Dr. Dien at Oncology who practice medicine with ethics and put patients above everything else. I hope pandemic will be over soon so we can come back to VN and thank the two doctors.

  • D.T.X.T
    Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Vo Kim Dien and the staff on the 4th floor for taking care of my mother wholeheartedly during the treatment here. My family and I feel very secure when choosing FV as the care and treatment service for my mother. Thank you.

  • P.V.H
    Anaesthesiology & ICU, Hy Vong Cancer Centre, Neurosurgery and Endovascular Neurosurgery

    1-During the time at ICU, the nurses there had a birthday celebration for the patient which was very nice.
    2- Dr. Dien, Dr. Hung and Dr. Man always made the patient feel full of hope and explained everything carefully so my family could rest assured.

  • Mr Duong Nguyen Hoang Son
    General Surgery, Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    From this letter I sincere thank you FV medical team for treating and helping me a lot during past time, especially Dr. Dien, nurse Cuc, nurse Y and Dr. Thai. I feel comfortable to have treatment here. Thank you FV for great service and hope the hospital more develop in the future.

  • Mr Le Dang Hong
    General Surgery, Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    I admit FV on 21/05 at A&E. Morning 22/05 I am diagnosed and to have intestinal surgery. I am grateful doctors and all staff. Dr. Dien and Dr. Thai had exactly diagnosed and the treatment was in time. The qualification and morality of doctors help me over the sickness and recover very soon.
    I sincere thank Board of director and all staff for a hospital where patients would be taken care well.

  • Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ly Lan Phuong
    Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    When I detected a swollen lymph node in my breast, friend introduced me to check up in FV Hospital. Hence, the cancer specialist concluded that I had breast cancer near stage 2. At first, I was so shocked and could not accept the cruel reality about that deadly disease. As a woman, I feared that breast lump removal will leave behind undesirable ugly scar and I might not survive after the surgery. Fortunately, the cancer specialist at FV Hospital had found a non-surgery treatment to remove the tumor without removing the entire breast. Thanks for the dedicated care of the doctors, especially Dr. Dien whom gave me honest advice and helped me through the treatment process. Currently, my health is making very positive progress. Our family would like to thank and express sincere gratitude to all the doctors. Wish you will successfully continue to bring happiness to others.

  • Ms. Doan Minh Thuy
    Hy Vong Cancer Centre

    Due to frequent nosebleeds, I had to attend FV Hospital for testing. At the first test, doctor Dai at Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre doubted that I had few signs of throat cancer. When doctor gave me that news, I thought a lot and even had intention of giving up. Dr. Dai was so dedicated and truthfully gave me and my family advice. I decided to join the sequential therapy which doctor made for me. Initially, my body ached through day and night and my hair fall down everyday. Still, I persisted to follow the doctor’s plan till the end. Thankfully, after each round of my treatment, the disease showed signs of remission. I am very grateful for the encouragement of your doctors during my treatment. The doctors had given me the confidence to persevere and to learn how to never give up. Once again, thank you so much.

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