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Doctor Trinh Cong Thao – New Factor for FV Hospital Imaging Department

Doctor Trinh Cong Thao graduated from Hue University of Medicine in 2016 and majored in Radio & Nuclear Medicine in 2020. In addition, Dr Trinh Cong Thao has also participated in the training in Medical Imaging and Radiology at the University of Strasbourg, France in 2019 and became a resident doctor in Radiology, University of Medicine, Hue in 2020.

As a passionate imaging doctor, Dr Trinh Cong Thao brings great expertise in Neuro  and Abdominal Imaging has helped patients by detecting many dangerous conditions early through image analysis.  Dr Trinh Cong Thao is an effective support for specialists to accurately diagnose pathology through imaging.

Dr Trinh Cong Thao has worked for four years at the Imaging Department, Hue University Hospital of Medicine and Pharmacy (2016 – 2020), Hue Central Hospital (2016 – 2020), Emile Muller Hospital, Mulhouse, France, (2018 – 2019). In June 2021, Doctor Trinh Cong Thao officially joined the Imaging team, FV Hospital and became a potent component of the department.

Hopefully with passion and enthusiasm in the field of diagnostic imaging along with accumulated experience after many years of working at home and abroad, Dr Trinh Cong Thao will effectively combine with our team of specialised doctors at FV and will provide patients accurate diagnoses for optimal treatment.

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