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Five reasons to undergo cancer treatment at FV

Being diagnosed with cancer is not the end. At Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre, FV Hospital, we offer high quality treatment equal to that provided at the world’s leading cancer centres. Our skilled physicians will help you to rekindle the flame of hope and accompany you on your journey to fight this disease.

1. Comprehensive treatment in one place

Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre provides comprehensive treatment and care services, from examination, diagnosis and staging to treatment methods, for all kinds of cancer. Surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and hormone therapy are performed by experienced and professional trained oncologists with years of experience both in Vietnam and internationally. Up-to-date diagnostic technologies enable us to quickly ascertain the extent or location of tumours and how fast patients are progressing back to health. In addition, you will also receive assistance from nutrition specialists, pain management specialists and psychologists trained in France and the US. These services help to make treatment more comfortable, reduce side effects and maximise effectiveness.


2. FV has a highly experienced team of doctors, medical staff, physicists, and radiographers

In addition to a team of experienced French and Vietnamese oncologists, radiologists and surgeons, we also have a team of French physicists and a team of radiographers, all trained and led by French specialists. All members of this multidisciplinary team work closely with each other to determine an accurate radiotherapy dose and location to ensure safety and optimal treatment outcomes for patients.

3. Multidisciplinary consultations

All cases of cancer are discussed at multidisciplinary consultations attended by oncologists, radiologists, and surgeons from different specialties. The best treatment plan for patients will be decided at this multidisciplinary consultation. Most treatment procedures are decided on evidence-based medicines, which are known and recognised by global medicine authorities for safety and efficiency.

4. Individual customised treatment regimens

We understand every cancer is different and each patient has a different psychological state and level of physical health. Depending on the patient’s condition, stage of disease, history of pathology, and other personal factors, the doctors of Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre will devise the most appropriate and  effective treatment regimen. The best treatment plan might combine several different therapies.

5. We always listen to you and help you to find hope

Above all, we understand cancer is not only a disease but often a cause of continual psychological stress for patients. Therefore, in addition to modern equipment, advanced techniques, and accurate and efficient treatment methods, we are always willing to take the time to listen to each patient to talk about their treatment methods and explain about your individual health. Just tell us how you feel, and we will help you to win the fight against cancer.

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