Keeping a Healthy Heart: Tips to Take Care of Your Heart (Part 2)

A healthy heart with an efficient vascular system is invaluable to have a long and active life. Here are four top tips to help you take care your heart, which you can start today:

Reduce Stress with positive mind – Stress can seriously affect the heart and whether through 30 minutes of meditating or simply being with friends, reducing stress is key.

Limit Alcohol – The heart can be damaged from drinking too much alcohol and drinking regularly. Excessive alcohol can lead to high blood pressure and cardiomyopathy problems.

Regular Health Checks – Since the signs of cardiovascular conditions can only be detected through specialist examinations, FV doctors recommend that you should have vascular screening at least once every six months to once a year to ensure “there are no errors in your heartbeat”.

Don’t Ignore Chest Pains – For numerous reasons chest pains can occur when we are emotional, cold or overwork, and often we simply ignore it and wait for them to pass. Chest pains however, are potential signs of a heart attack, especially if the pain lasts longer than 15 minutes, and so should not be ignored.

Having a healthy heart requires the right attention and care from yourself and medical professionals, and FV Hospital is on hand to support you. Now FV is providing a 20% discount for Cardiovascular Screening. This promotion is valid from July 1st, 2020, to September 15th, 2020. Start taking care of your heart today!

In addition to these simple tips, it is also highly recommended to have a cardiovascular screening every year. FV’s Cardiology Department is fully prepared to detect and treat all types of cardiovascular diseases early. This is possible thanks to the Department’s modern technology, such as advanced imaging system – MSCT, echocardiography, Marquette stress testing, and cardiovascular Intervention Catheterisation Laboratory system (Cathlab), coupled with its team of highly qualified medical doctors. Furthermore, patients will also be consulted by experts about the best diet to benefit their heart, maintain their health and improve their quality of life.

For more information on Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Screening and Vascular Screening, click here:

FV Hospital’s Cardiology Department, with its state-of-the-art and synchronic equipment and a highly experienced team of doctors, is led by Dr Huynh Ngoc Long. With over 20 years of experience, Dr Long is one of the top three experts in cardiology in the entire country. He has successfully undertaken 10,000 interventions and is ready to provide advanced diagnostic and treatment services, applying comprehensive treatment plans from prevention, early discovery to diagnosis, treatment and cardiac rehabilitation.

Since May 2018, FV Hospital has launched its very own Interventional Catheterisation Laboratory (Cathlab). The Interventional Catheterisation Laboratory (Cathlab) with more than $1.6 million of investment, is a system of modern machines and equipment to best aid doctors with diagnosis and treatment of dangerous diseases. These include: heart attacks, blockages of blood vessels, aortic aneurysm, valve incompetence, among others.

To make an appointment and learn more, please contact the Cardiology Department: (028) 5411 3467 or (028) 5411 3333 Ext: 1216 / 1165.

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