• FV Hospital Celebrates 65th Vietnamese Doctor’s Day Thursday, 27/02/2020

    Doctors are so integral in society that at one point in everyone’s life, people have sought their support. So important is their role, that to become a doctor requires a long journey of acquiring knowledge, skills, experience and an ability to meticu...

  • Second “Tu Hung” Football Championship provides for Thrilling Day of sport Tuesday, 25/02/2020

    The champions of the second “Tu Hung” Football Championship was decided on Sunday 23rd, February 2020, in an exciting round-robin tournament. Four teams took part in the event; Tam Duc Cardiology Hospital, City International Hospital, Vinmec Central ...

  • Radical treatment of arrhythmia using radio frequency ablation at FV Hospital Monday, 24/02/2020

    When a person is shocked or panicked by unexpected incidents, their heart is likely to beat more quickly or vigorously than usual, this is known as palpitations. If palpitations, however, occur frequently, combined with other symptoms such as dizzine...

  • 15-year old Patient’s legs saved from amputation Monday, 24/02/2020

    Suffering from necrosis, R.N., a 15-year-old boy from Cambodia, recently had his legs saved from amputation thanks to the specialised treatment given by Dr Truong Hoang Vinh Khiem from FV Hospital’s Bone and Joint Centre. When his parents decided to ...

  • Birth Preparation Programme – March – April 2020 Friday, 21/02/2020

    FV Hospital offers a comprehensive birth preparation programme to prepare you for your journey towards motherhood. Our team to assist you consist of an anaesthetist, a nutritionist, midwives, a physiotherapist and a psychologist and they will provide...

  • FV introduces Anatomopathology services, shortening Diagnostic and Treatment time Friday, 21/02/2020

    In diagnosis, especially diagnosing diseases related to oncology, cell analysis and histopathology is indispensable in testing results. The anatomopathological testing is fundamental in providing conclusive and clear findings, and ensuring the correc...

  • Receiving the award from FV’s survey programme, what did the customer say? Wednesday, 12/02/2020

    As usual, FV Hospital quarterly conducts a lucky draw as sending a massive “thank you” to customers for giving their comments via the survey programme.

  • The “Second Family” of Patients at Hy Vong Cancer Care Centre Friday, 07/02/2020

    It was once said: "The scary thing is not when you are alone, it is when you have no one to share." For others it is loneliness, but for people with cancer, it is the feeling of losing purpose and belief in life.

  • Flat Feet treatment with Implant procedure at FV Hospital Thursday, 06/02/2020

    Ms. H.C (62 years old, HCMC), came to The FV Hospital Orthopedic Department with pain in legs and trouble in walking. She reported that she had been suffering from pain in her left foot and ankle for many years.

  • Recommendation from FVH management about 2019-nCoV infection Wednesday, 05/02/2020

    The management of FV Hospital is getting round-the-clock information from a variety of sources including scientific publications, the WHO and epidemiologic data, about the Coronavirus (“2019-nCoV “) epidemic that started in China.

  • Infection management at FV Hospital Wednesday, 05/02/2020

    One of the six international criteria for maintaining patient safety is to reduce the risk of hospital infections. Minimising infection risk is also one of FV's top priorities and part of JCI international hospital standards for patient security.

  • Non-surgical Penoplasty for Men Tuesday, 04/02/2020

    For men, penis size issues can be a significant problem, with those who feel that they have a smaller than average sized penis, feeling unconfident and insecure. This issue can affect men from all walks of life and not only in their dating and sexual...

  • Painless liposuction with advanced endoscopic technology at FV Lifestyle Clinic Tuesday, 04/02/2020

    Liposuction is commonly considered as an effective solution to reduce localized areas of unwanted excessive fat. Especially in cases where exercise, diets, and even slimming medication have failed to achieve the desired goals. Many people do questi...

  • Skin Rejuvenation With Non-invasive Treatment Thursday, 16/01/2020

    One of the most common signals of old age is skin aging, such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity or sagging. For years, people have always found ways to keep the appearance of youth using cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

  • Birth Preparation Programme – January – February 2020 Friday, 10/01/2020

    FV Hospital offers a comprehensive birth preparation programme to prepare you for your journey towards motherhood. Our team to assist you consist of an anaesthetist, a nutritionist, midwives, a physiotherapist and a psychologist and they will provide...

  • Provision with Pride Friday, 03/01/2020

    Dreams and ambitions not only are great motivators but also can instil in people a purpose in life which they can strive towards to achieve success. Each dream is unique for everyone, and it is for each individual to carve a path for themselves to ac...

  • Improvement in effectiveness of pelvic cancer treatment with laparoscopic surgery Friday, 03/01/2020

    With 10 years of experience performing laparoscopic cancer surgery (uterus, ovaries), endometriosis, vaginal prolapse ... Dr. Sophie Sanguine – surgeon, Obstetrics & Gynecology Department, FV Hospital affirms that modern medicine industry is bringing...

  • Endometriosis: The pain that cannot be ignored Friday, 03/01/2020

    When it comes to gynecological diseases, most women will often ignore the initial symptoms due to fear of sharing and having consultation. This is most likely to lead to complicated complications and unfortunate consequences. Endometriosis is not an ...

  • French female doctor with desire of caring for health condition of Vietnamese women Thursday, 02/01/2020

    With bright eyes and friendly smile, the French doctor, Dr. Sophie Sanguin, a leading expert in gynecological endoscopic surgery at FV Hospital, always makes others feel secure and trust from the very first meeting.

  • FV Hospital Successfully Treats Endometriosis Case Friday, 27/12/2019

    Mild pain during menstruation is considered as a normal physiological occurrence for most women. For some however, there are cases where the pain can be extreme, making it impossible to work or even conduct daily activities.