‘FV 20th Anniversary Ceremony – The Journey of Trust’ The Impressive Monumental, Emotional Celebration

On 9th April 2023, the celebration “FV 20th Anniversary – The journey of trust to deliver world-class healthcare to Vietnam took place successfully at Gem Centre. The event was organised to mark and celebrate the first 20 years of operation of FV Hospital, the first 100% foreign-owned medical facility in Vietnam.

The celebration opens a new journey for FV

On this special occasion, FV Hospital was honoured to receive flowers and congratulations from Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and Minister of Health Dao Hong Lan.

Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon opened the anniversary ceremony with a short and emotional introduction

The ceremony took place in the morning. It was attended by the Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee – Mr Duong Anh Duc; Director of the Department of Medical Service Administration, Assoc.Prof. Dr Luong Ngoc Khue; Consulate General of the Russian Federation; Consulate General of Malaysia, leaders from all levels of the government, ministries and local departments, public and private hospitals and representatives of key domestic and international organisations.

Speaking at the opening of the event, the Chief Executive Officer of FV Hospital – Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon thanked everyone in attendance for their support and companion from the very first days of the FV project to where FV has developed today.

Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon said: “Along with Vietnam’s magnificent growth over the past two decades, FV Hospital has experienced an impressive transformation. We remain true to our core values and will try our best to do better on the journey ahead.” Over the past 20 years, FV has been traveling towards the ambitionTo be a leading medical provider in Asia”. Through this ambition, FV wants to further its contribution to promoting and raising the international quality of Vietnam’s healthcare and providing local people with world-class quality healthcare services.

Mr Duong Anh Duc – Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee thanked FV for our contribution to Ho Chi Minh City Healthcare capacity

Speaking of Ho Chi Minh City Government, Mr Duong Anh Duc said: “In the future, to provide quality staff for the healthcare sector and serving the increasing demand of people regarding healthcare, the city authorities hope that FV will develop the Institute – Hospital model and soon we will have the FV Hospital University.” The Vice Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee also reviewed the achievements of FV and its contribution to the overall development of the city.

Assoc. Prof. Luong Ngoc Khue was very happy to see the development of FV Hospital over the past 20 years

On behalf of the Minister of Health, Director of the Department of Medical Service Administration Assoc.Prof. Dr Luong Ngoc Khue sent congratulations to all leaders and staff of FV Hospital. He also shared his impressions of FV during its 20 years of operations and development. “FV Hospital has nearly 25% foreign patients. This is an affirmation of Vietnam’s medical capacity to the international medical community”, Assoc. Prof. Dr Luong Ngoc Khue said.

Earlier, in the press conference, Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon communicated the FV’s plan including: establishing a new outpatient examination and treatment centre in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, building high-tech centres for cancer treatment, digestion, kidney, and infertility. Accordingly, it’s aligned with the expectations and vision of the Ho Chi Minh City Government and the Ministry of Health.

Series of seminars drawing attention from experts

After the celebration, there was a series of seminars in the afternoon covering more than 20 topics around FV’s practical experience in different specialties. The seminars were conducted by members of the Board of Directors and senior management team at FV, along with many speakers who have experience in related fields.

The presentation by Nursing Director – Ms Lee Poh Lian, one of the three opening sessions of the seminar series

Many topics received great attention from experts such as; legislation in hospitals, handling communication crises in healthcare, networking in the Medical community, risk management in medical facilities, and data management system in the hospital.

Through the seminar series, many attendees better understood the complexities of the activities that take place every day at FV. In addition to professional medical examination and treatment, hospitals need to carry out and control many related activities and processes. All are attributed to “ensure patient safety” and maintain the highest quality of treatment services. FV Hospital also wishes to carry out training and exchange programmes with the medical community soon, aiming to jointly develop Vietnam’s healthcare industry.

A part of Staff Loyalty ceremony to honour the staff who devoted 10 years to FV

In parallel to the seminars, a special ceremony was hosted to express gratitude to the staff who have devoted 5, 10 and 15 years to FV. This is an annual event and held exclusively for FV Family members. However, this year, the event became a seamless and harmonious part of the FV’s 20th Anniversary Ceremony. In the ceremony, 96 FV members who have worked for 5 years, 45 for 10 years and 38 for 15 years.

The Gala Dinner brought emotional moments

The Gala Dinner for the “FV 20th Anniversary Ceremony – the Journey of Trust” was truly a monumental, colourful and emotional celebration. All the attendees experienced a great night with a unique and impressive programme.

The Gala Dinner was elegant and also incredible with a professional entertainment programme

The Gala Dinner took place with the attendance of more than 1300 people, including honoured guests, important partners, patients, and relatives who have accompanied FV for the past 20 years, and all members of FV. The party was decorated with a brilliant and luxurious atmosphere combined with the creative stage layout that all combined to bring a spectacular party night.

The main part of the Gala Dinner included attractive yet equally solemn activities. Especially, the very moving recognition ceremony for the group of 88 employees who have devoted 20 years to FV. This was an opportunity to recognise the efforts and dedication of the first generation of the FV Family.

The event also included the Doctor’s Oscar Awards, presenting eight special Oscars. The voting process took place two weeks before the Gala Dinner, with online participation from all FV staff. The Doctor’s Oscar Awards recognise and honour the achievements and continuous efforts of our doctors in the mission of improving the health quality of our patients.

Doctors’ Oscars was a special honour event, culminating at the Gala Dinner

The entertainment performances were another highlight of the Gala with incredible performances such as laser light display, fire painting, and Cancan dance. The culmination was the participation of famous artists such as Dao Mac, Cece Truong, Lan Nha and Diva My Linh who all created a particularly impressive atmosphere. These beautiful vocals and wonderful artistic performances brought sublime emotions to all participants. The Gala Dinner was the highlight to close the impressive FV Hospital Anniversary Celebration.

Through the Celebration of “FV’s 20th Anniversary Ceremony – The Journey of Trust to deliver world-class Healthcare to Vietnam”, FV affirmed its pioneering role. However, along that journey, we were not alone. The development that FV has achieved is thanks to the great attention and support of the Government Leaders, the Ministry of Health, the leaders of Ho Chi Minh City and local authorities, and other Ministries and Departments. Besides, the companionship from hospitals, medical community, suppliers, media agencies, and domestic and foreign partners also supported FV greatly.

Finally, FV Hospital would like to express our great gratitude to the dedication of FV staff and especially the trust that patients and their families have given us. All have created a great journey, helping FV to bring world-class medical quality services for Vietnamese people. FV hopes that, on the long-awaited journey ahead, our train will get longer and will arrive at further prefected stations.

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Key milestones on FV’s development journey:

  • November 1997, Dr Jean-Marcel Guillon came to Ho Chi Minh City with the mission to build an international standard medical facility for Vietnamese people.
  • 20th June 2001: FV Hospital construction starts.
  • 11th March 2003, FV Hospital came into operation and became the first 100% foreign-owned hospital in Vietnam.
  • 2006: FV built the brand name “Trust in medical ethics” & established the Children of Vietnam Charitable Fund.
  • 8th July 2007: FV is the first hospital in Vietnam to receive the international quality certificate HAS (Haute Autorité De Santé) of France.
  • 2007: FV set up a representative office in Phnom Penh (Cambodia).
  • December 2013: Inaugurated FV Saigon General Clinic in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City.
  • 2016, 2019 & 2022: FV Hospital achieved JCI international accreditation the 3rd consecutive time, affirming FV’s commitment to patient safety.
  • In 2018: FV inaugurated the international standard Cathlab Cardiology Intervention Centre (Cathlab), worth 1.6 million USD; Hy Vong Cancer Centre came into operation with an investment of more than 120 billion VND.
  • 2020-2021: FV is one of the frontline hospitals in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, side by side with the Government, the Ministry of Health and Ho Chi Minh City to successfully overcome the pandemic.
  • April 2022: FV owns the ACC clinic chain, marking the first M&A event of FV in Vietnam market and officially becoming FV Group.
  • June 2022: FV upgraded the facilities for the postpartum area under the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department, bringing the experience of “comfortable giving birth as having a 5-star holiday”.
  • In 2023: FV will put into operation the FV Saigon Clinic & a large-scale Diagnostic Centre in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City.
  • In 2025: To inaugurate another 7-storey “H” building; expanding the Hy Vong Cancer Centre, the Gastroenterology and Hepatobiliary Centre, providing new services such as in vitro fertilisation and haemodialysis, bone marrow transplant…
  • In the next 5 years, FV will strengthen its presence throughout the North – Central – South regions by opening 4 more ACC clinics.