FV hospital receives awards from International Healthcare Commission (IHC)

FV Hospital has had the honour of receiving three awards from the International Healthcare Commission (IHC), an independent healthcare ratings organisation founded in 2009 in the United States. The objective of IHC is to rate healthcare provider performance throughout the world and provide patients and physicians with the vital information they need when choosing an international healthcare provider. Furthermore, awards and ratings from HIC are also standards for clinical performances of healthcare providers to attract more patients.

These awards are conferred by IHC on the basis of the volume of foreign patients that received healthcare services at FV Hospital during the year 2014. The Best International Hospital Vietnam Award 2014 reflects the highest rating from IHC regarding our healthcare performance and quality of treatments provided to foreign patients. Only a handful of hospitals in the world are recognised as satisfying requirements for professionalism and quality of experience in this ratings distinction.

These awards from IHC are a great encouragement and motivation for FV Hospital to move forward and continue to realise its mission to “provide comprehensive world-class healthcare services to patients”!