FV Hospital receives more than 200 units of blood

The second “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme, organised by FV Hospital in collaboration with Blood Transfusion Hematology Hospital on February 21st, 2019, received more than 200 units of blood from 163 contributors.

This activity is gradually becoming a tradition in the hospital to express the spirit of mutual support for the community. The blood donations were held on the 4th floor of the hospital, and people who were donating happily chatted with each other whilst they waited. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm, from the warm welcome as people arrived to dedicated guidance from the organisers. The second “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme extended its range of participants from not just staff at FV but also patients and relatives. These included doctors, nurses, office workers, cleaners and even elderly security guards.

Information desk for individuals donating their blood

Doctors take blood pressure measurements and conduct health checks before taking blood 

Working at FV Clinic (District 1), Ms Ha Vy, Ms Thu Phuong and Ms Khanh Ngoc were very eager toblood first. Ms Ha Vy – Manager of FV Saigon Clinic said: “Previously I was afraid that donating blood would affect my health, but after searching carefully, I became reassured.  I think I should participate in blood donation … 3 times a year to detoxify my body while helping the community as well”. Thu Phuong humorously added: “It was terrifying when looking at the big needle, but the staff took my blood so gently that I almost fell asleep.” 

Volunteers from FV LifeStyle Clinic 

In the true spirit of the event, blood donors were very positive about getting involved. One of the most impressive donors was a security guard at FV, Mr Nguyen Van Phuoc (Ben Tre province), who, despite being 56 years old, was in very good shape. He shared: “The doctor praised me for my O blood type. I feel happy when helping other people, and for me, after going home and having some food, I will be fine!”. Another donor, Ms Hai Lam (Document Manager of Document Management & Translation Department), told us while sipping her tea: “Last time I took leave so I missed the programme and was only able to participate this time. My O+ blood type can help a lot of people, but I still wish mine was O-, which can help even more people.” In fact, “blood resources in Vietnam are scarce to the point of alarming, every day many people need blood to maintain life. Every single drop of blood donated is able to save lives.” shared Mr Do Chi Tam from the Anaesthesiology & ICU Department.

Hai Lam (left) while waiting to donate blood 

Talking about the organising process, Quynh Anh (Pharmacy Department) felt very satisfied: “Compared to other places I know, the organisation of blood donations at FV Hospital is extremely good and professional. Rooms are airy, blood pressure is carefully measured and the medical staff are always on hand which make me feel comfortable.”

The organising committee of the “Give Blood – Give Hope” programme would like to send a big thank you to all the donors who came by. The committee wishes them all a healthy and happy life and hopes that this tradition, to help the community, will continue long into the future.

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