Are you losing your vision due to cataracts? FV Hospital offers pain-free, safe and effective treatment via phacoemulsification (phaco)

Cataracts are dense, cloudy areas in the eye lens which disturb vision. The most common causes of cataracts are aging, trauma and consequences of diabetes; some people have them from birth. Choosing the correct cataract treatment is important so that you can recover quickly and prevent the risk of permanent vision loss.

The team of experienced medical specialists at FV Hospital’s fully equipped Eye Surgery Department offer safe, effective cataract treatment via phacoemulsification, often shortened to phaco.

During phaco surgery, the surgeon removes the cataract by using ultrasonic emulsion – the block of crystalline lens is softened and dissolved into small pieces which are then removed using a vaccum. The surgeon then inserts an artificial crystalline lens (called an intraocular lens, or IOL) to restore that patient’s vision.

The phaco technique has many advantages for patients, including:

  • A brief operating time, typically between five to seven minutes
  • Pain-free surgery and minimal post surgical discomfort
  • Small incisions which don’t require stitches
  • No bleeding
  • A fast recovery, with patients discharged within a day
  • A high degree of safety and success and very low risk of complications
  • The ability to correct almost all refractive errors (proximal, distal, and farsighted), helping to restore a patient’s vision and improve their quality of life.

If treatment is delayed, the disease will progress very quickly. Mature cataracts are very difficult to treat.

If you find that your vision is deteriorating, we recommend that you have your eyes examined immediately so that any problems can detected and diagnosed so that you can undergo timely treatment.

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